You know it's just a little, ummm, peculiar when your romantic life becomes national "news". (I suspect it's because it's a slow news day in Scotland...) A few hours ago, my buddy Grant messaged me to tell me the article is in the Sunday Mail today.

You see, I did a phone interview as Angelika and I were booking down the freeway to Cape Cod last week, but you never really know when something will run. More often than not, it doesn't run when you have been told it will...

Gayle, who wrote the piece, said it would run "this Sunday", but sometimes they say that, and it doesn't happen. So honestly I wasn't expecting it to be in the paper this weekend, but it is (and I am rather glad it ran now, as it will all be "blown over" by the time I return to the UK in June!)

Anyway, so yeah, it's "official", after nearly a decade, I have a "boyfriend",...Stop the press!

What the article doesn't exactly convey is that it's "fairly early days yet"...so no need to rush out and buy a hat,...or look behind the door for your wedding invite. (That's what Grant said he did when he got home from work tonight - after reading it). Ha! :)

I assured him "that's a bit premature". But in any event we're both very happy, thankyouverymuch.

Though all of the guys who've been in my life over the past ten years are wonderful guys (you know who you are), this thing with Kenneth just feels different. We're the same age, on the same page, we love music, are fairly similar in the spiritual sense and we live near each other too,...No offense at all to his predecessors, but he is about the coolest, most easy-going and supportive guy I've met in a really long time! We really just gel. He makes me laugh.

I can't think of too many guys I've dated who'd have had the attitude toward this article that he has. He's actually excited about (way more so than I am, but I've had more than my fair share of press over the years). Quite simply he just has a good disposition and is a great "co-pilot".

I've not read the article yet - (as I am in Pittsburgh PA right now) but I can imagine some of the alleged quotes that are in there.

Please, just take it from me - as much as I adore Kenneth - I've not referred to him (or any man in my life, ever, for that matter) as the "man of my dreams" or "the one" or anything of the sort. But saying "I met this guy and it's early days but so far so good" won't be interesting in the paper so it has to be kicked up a notch (or six) to be a whole lot further down the path than we actually are.

You see, the challenge is, after eight years of running SYBD, not to be jaded about the whole idea of love and relationships. It's something I struggle with regularly if I am being honest.

The fact is we never know what is going to happen tomorrow, next week or next year and the trick for me is to embrace the moment. Both of us are doing just that.

We both have had our fair share of trials in our romantic lives but now have this "attitude of gratitude"...Neither of us were out there looking for anything. In fact, I've distinctly been saying for ages that I didn't want to meet anyone as I was just about to leave the UK for an extended filming trip...But as Kenneth likes to remind me (by quoting his own song, I hasten to add) "love has a plan and so it began"...and it all began because I heard one of his songs on MySpace, liked it, played it on the radio and he wanted to meet up to thank me and so we did - in a lovely "walled garden". Voila, romance blossomed!


It's simply a journey and we're along for the ride. I don't take anything (or anyone) for granted. I know all too well that (to quote Echo and the Bunneymen) "nothing lasts forever" - so I am just appreciating the here and now. Enjoying having a lover, a friend and confidante. More specifically a "co-pilot".

It's been a long time since I truly felt there was someone in my corner (and I in his) and it feels great. I speak for both of us on that one. As we both keep saying "long may it continue" - but you know what, if it doesn't - we'll be fine. I know a website one of us can log on to if it doesn't work out...

Am I a little bit apprehensive? You bet. Of that there is no doubt. Sometimes we just have to "feel the fear and do it anyway" and remind ourselves "I can handle it".


Oh so last night Sharon dropped me off downtown to see a documentary called GIRLS ROCK. It was absolutely darling and empowering. I enjoyed it a lot and was even inspired to think about doing something similar in Scotland. It will have to be a few years as the Site, the film and the possible TV series will be occupying my time for the foreseeable, but how great would it be to empower young girls from an early age to know their worth. The world would be a better place if everyone had a positive self-worth. Perhaps that's the answer to the question that people keep asking me "what's next?"

Time will tell.


Well, speaking of time, it's getting late and I've been tired for days...

It is my final night of being "on the road" filming.

Tomorrow I leave Pittsburgh and I get to see my dad - in California - for the first time in six months. Man, I am so very excited! Through technology, we speak daily (Thank God for Skype), but it is always good to go home and see your family in the flesh. My dad has his 76th birthday soon. My niece graduates from high school too. "Good times for a change"...to quote the Smiths.

I was able to do three interviews in Pittsburgh (when I thought I'd only get one) so it turned out to be a real worthwhile visit to this state. Thanks girls!

Sharon graduated law school this morning. I filmed her getting ready for this monumental event. I welled up the thought of it. It was like seeing one of my "kids" graduate. Because for many of us that's what SYBD is - a family. I share, quite often, their pain but sometimes, like today - I get to share their joy and achievement and live vicariously through it. I've followed her ride for many years now and it's great to see her get to the other side. I'm ever so proud.

One or possibly two more interviews and then I wrap on this wee project of mine! Hoorah!


Now, I must close. I've a bit more packing to do before my many hours of travel. I am taking a small plane for part of the journey and I have to say, I am not looking forward to that, one iota. Keep a good thought for my travels, won't you?

Peace and love to one and all! xxx

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