Well Christmas Day 2007 has come and gone. I survived it. I thought I'd give you a little glimpse of what has transpired for me today...A singleton's Christmas as it were...

10:40 AM - Wake up at a nice leisurely hour.

10:42 AM - Walk to lounge and switch on phone and read a variety of texts (most annoyingly from people who feel the need to sign BOTH theirs and their partners names). Grrr...

Reply only to one from an SYBDer who claims that there was no "Brad Pitt" under the tree, but at least, she said, she didn't have to go to her ex's parent's house today. I completely related and laughed out loud. You see, the first Christmas after my "big break-up" (99) I thought the exact same thing. It's good to find things to be grateful for so I applaud her on her efforts.

10:45 - Log into FACEBOOK and read a lovely, lengthy message from producer boy STEFAN D. (Eyes welled-up whilst reading it).

10:50 AM - Leave lounge and head for the kitchen, and switch on the radio - it's the lovely COLIN KELLY on Radio Clyde (A station I seldom would deliberately tend to listen to -- except for the odd Billy Sloan show, at a push).

10:52 AM - Hop into the shower and mentally re-write the lyrics to Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" to include things like "in my bed," and "in my shower...." etc. (Yes, I'm naughty. ;) No wonder Santa never stopped here last night...)

11:00 AM - After shower, get dressed and make three scrummy pancakes.

Switch off Radio Clyde once I hear the Sugababes butchering "White Christmas".

11:20 AM - Photograph the pancakes and then proceed to eat them merrily - all the while sipping tea from my soyouvebeedumped.com mug.... (see pic).

11:25 AM - Put on BBC1 for SANTA CLAUS 2. Ah something festive, yay.

11: 27 AM - Bored with SANTA CLAUS 2 and so channel hop.

11:28 AM - End up watching a TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY ON HUGH HEFNER. Marvel at how creepy I find it that an 80-something man has three girlfriends in their 20s.

11:38 AM - Blow dry hair and get dressed.

12:00 PM - Lug a giant box of clothing to the car for a charity donation on the 27th.

Vow to take twice as much when I finally do go on the 27th...

12:05 PM - Take a walk toward the River Clyde.

At traffic lights (near XFM), notice a cute guy who is stopped at the lights. Guy waves - and I realise that I actually know the guy (what are the odds?) - a lovely BBC producer called Chris. How apt...(geddit? It's Christmas! Oh never mind....)

Listen to DR. WAYNE DYER'S 'POWER OF INTENTION' on the iPod as I walk. I contemplate my life, my year, my future and make a mental note that my life's mission is to help as many 'broken hearted' individuals around the world as possible. Thus 2008 needs to be about completing the book and film versions of the website...

1:15 PM - After a long walk, and many pictures snapped, I return home feeling very serene.

1:30 PM - Make another cup of tea.

Begin to cook feast. Cut extra large sweet potato and baked potato in half and pop them in the oven.

1:35 PM - Put on TONY BENNET'S Christmas Album - Snowflake.

2:00 PM - Decide to tidy desk - not for fun - but because I am actually looking for my SD Card Reader so I can edit the photos.

2:10 PM - Paint fingernails festive color (burgundy) on right hand only.

2:18 PM - Found card reader and desk is tidy (win/win) so begin editing photographs. Watch stupid Whoopie Goldberg Christmas film while doing so.

3:00 PM - Begin cooking the bird (a chicken joint) and cut up all the vegetables for steaming.

3:10 PM - Go back to the movie and editing pictures.

3:30 PM - Check bird and start to steam veggies.

3:45 PM - Add roasties and Yorkshire Puddings to oven. Baste the bird. Continue editing pictures.

4:30 PM
- Dinner is served. It's arguably the best Christmas Dinner I've ever had the pleasure of eating (though I admit it doesn't look as lovely as yours no doubt did)...

5:00 PM - Kimba calls from Ohio and we talk about our respective Christmas Days.

We both open our presents from our friend Fiona in Australia. (Incidentally, I got a business card holder and mirror key chain and three CDs). Note to self: get new business cards made...

5:30 PM - Channel hop until I wind up on Movies 24 for a Steve Gutenberg film MEET THE SANTAS (the sequel to the one I watched 2 days ago on the HALLMARK channel, I believe)

6:00 PM - Begin to write Stefan a message back.

6:16 PM - Watch the rain fall from the comfort of my sofa.

6:30 PM - Speak to dad on Skype - upload photos whilst doing so.

7:00 PM - Skype drops the call with dad so put on Dean Martin and chill out and reflect upon my peaceful day. Think of family and friends around the world and hope they're feeling as content as I am....

7:05 PM - Make another cup of tea (what's that, my third? Oops) in Red Barking Dog (NY Diner) mug.

7:10 PM - Phone sister Wendy who's in Santa Cruz with her boyfriend Rich celebrating her Yule there. Speak about love, sex, presents, family and friends. Usual festive topic? Not sure. For us, I guess :)

7:27 PM - Sip tea, eat biscuits and listen to Dean Martin from start to finish (a mere 43 minutes).

7:53 PM - Remember I need to remove nail polish on right hand because it looks disasterous.

8:00 PM - Stick on the "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE" DVD.

"You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down for you".

8:15 PM - Start stretching and doing crunches on the pilates exercise ball. (Get bored with in minutes.)

8:28 PM - Add JOHN BUTLER TRIO to iTunes on the Mac and then the PC. Then do the same with the CHURCH CD. (Didn't know they were still together?!)

8:30 PM - Watch the funny "POOL" scene in the film. Priceless. Splash!

8:45 - Continue trying to write Stefan back...

8:58 PM - Phone goes. It's Julia in England. Nice holiday chat.

9:08 PM - Push 'pause' on the film so I can make a CD comp for a certain someone's Xmas gift....

10:00 PM - Head to the bedroom to start filling up more charity bags of clothes.

10:29 PM
- Have filled another bag of clothes for charity.

Starting to feel tired...so contemplating a bath.

10:45 PM - Finish email to Stefan and start to message Matt in Boston. Remembering he's Jewish - I stop just short of wishing him a "Merry Christmas" (phew!) :)

10:49 PM - Crave Malteesers so crack open a tube.

10:50 PM - Back to watching IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

Remember I've got one last present to open from Hannah.

Kiss Me Lip Gloss, Bliss Hand Cream, Oatmeal and Spice Soap, KShocolate chocolates, a funky nail file, and a gorgeous Rose smelling candle.

Very nice indeed.

11:05 PM - Decide to call it a night and take myself off to the bath and then sleep.

I survived Christmas. (Another solo Christmas - no less.) It was a very relaxing, peaceful, and lovely day...I was actually surprised I never felt sad. Quite the opposite - I've felt glad and grateful for all that I do have - a lovely home, wonderful friends all over this globe and plenty of food, clothes and music to last a lifetime. Yes, I am blessed. If you're reading this, I suspect you're blessed too.

Good night - whoever you are and wherever you are.

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