Well things are ticking along slowly but surely. I have a pile of interviewees lined up from South America, North America, Australia, and of course the UK. Tentatively, I aim to be hitting the road before the holidays across England and Wales and will leave North America and Oz until next year.

Stefan and I have been narrowing our prospective producing partners down to a tiny shortlist. All the candidates have been giving me examples of their previous documentaries. Between you and me, each one has been equally excellent. Frankly, as I've said before, I absolutely love everyone I've met thus far, but I have to pick someone I feel I can work closely with, and who gets what Stef and I are trying to achieve with this film of ours...


More meetings in London are on the horizon, so I have gone in search of a proper bag for them. I am always going to them with a backpack. I look like a perpetual, "mature", student...So I thought better of it, and earlier today I went in search of a briefcase. I found the perfect one (for now), and well, while I was out there anyway, I decided to get a few handbags too. It's so unlike me to buy, what we Americans call "purses". I think I blame hanging with Hannah so much of late as she is a real shopping enthusiast, and now, clearly, it's rubbed off on me. Hmmm, and while I am at it, I shall blame her for last week's random shopping spree on Thursday...when I picked up new trousers, a shirt, three jumpers and some vixen red lipstick....just for good measure (or for an upcoming first date, one or the other). ;)


I've seen a number of films over the past week - the most decent of which was the new Angelina Jolie film A MIGHTY HEART. It was well acted and shot. It was not a story I was familiar with but it was incredibly sad and moving. At one point, Jolie is caterwauling tears, and I'd defy anyone not to be moved by her agony. I traced back through my life, mentally, and came to the conclusion that I'd never experienced any pain on the level her character did at that moment (and I've had some pretty painful things happen to me over the years...)


I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary film about five Englishmen who are free-styling football lovers, that make a journey to South America to meet their hero, DIEGO MARADONA. It was an excellent film, even if, like me, you're not a fan of the footie!

SUPER BAD lived up to its name. I know, I know, you probably liked it. I realise I am not the target demographic, but come on. It was about high school kids wanting to get drunk and laid. Even when I was IN high school, I'd not have related to that film.

Besides I didn't have sex until my 20s (and I've still never been drunk). I did actually find one scene really funny...when one of the two geek guys tries to speak on his cell phone to the girl he has a major crush on....and when it keeps cutting out he starts swearing (like a sailor on leave) and doesn't realise that she can actually hear everything he's saying. That, I thought was pretty damn funny.


...And over the past week I've picked up some commercial DVDs - like 2 WEEKS NOTICE, THE COMMITMENTS, UNCLE BUCK and most excitingly AMELIE which I've been wanting for ages.

And as I flick the dial - I come across NOTTING HILL - one of the DVDs on my wish list. I know, know, it's schmaltzy, but I like it. Of course it's utterly unrealistic that two people from completely different worlds can overcome their differences (and backgrounds) and work it out. How often does that happen? Must be hard for Hugh (his character) to go and see his ex on the big screen...Ha,...Only one-time have I had what could be classified as a "Hollywood Ending"...(and clearly even that didn't work out).

Oh well I remain, as ever, a hopeful romantic...


Well as we are on the verge of CONTROL being released (not to mention my friend Jacqui's documentary film JOY DIVISION) - I decided it might be a good time to read the Ian Curtis biography as written by his widow Debra Curtis. It's a slow read but fairly interesting thus far. Doubt that I'll be done with it before I see the press show of CONTROL on Thursday, sadly...I'm quite excited to see it though - given how well it did at Edinburgh this year...


Earlier today, I've taken on the voluntary role of an events co-ordinator for SHOOTING PEOPLE here in Scotland. As a fan of social networking already, it will be my aim to bring the film makers across Scotland together for meetings and events up here. I am very excited. I've made some great friends and contacts through SP. I hope to make more!


And not to be too boring, but hasn't the weather in Scotland taken a turn for the worst? I am on the verge of having to put on the heating. These candles aren't quite cutting it...

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