The final meeting in London was with BRITDOC'S's (and SHOOTING PEOPLE'S) JESS SEARCH. At half-nine, we met at Shoreditch House in East London. It's always fun to see how the other half lives. This has to be the most exciting and impressive business meeting I've ever attended. Clearly I'm moving up in the world ;) The meeting was on the rooftop where there were stacks of seats, sofas, a bar and a pool.

The view was stunning (despite it being a decidedly-dull day). Many good points and suggestions were provided in the meeting and it's given both Stefan and myself much food for thought. To be honest, I felt deeply humbled that such an esteemed documentary film maker / producer - type person was spending so much of her time giving me some serious advice. I am fully aware that many people would have killed for a morning to spend several hours with Jess Search. This experience of making a film is definitely bucking the trend. Everyone is being so incredibly helpful and supportive it's so overwelming and so appreciated.

Jess has even recommended someone else that she thinks that I should talk to (arguably the number 1 Documentary film producer here in the UK). Not only that, she sent him a quick email on my behalf right there and then. Again - I am so grateful. Lord knows I need all the help I can get. Neither Stefan nor I comes from a documentary film making background and yet we have lofty ambitions for this little lo-fi film of ours...We're shooting for the stars and why not? Speaking of stars...

After an hour, he dashed off for a meeting just as our friend, WE ARE TOGETHER's Teddy Leifer (R), arrived to chat - potentially with a view to working on the project. More importantly just now though I caught up on the latest W.A.T. news since Edinburgh. I am praying Teddy and Paul get the Oscar for their worthy film. I can't wait until the rest of you get to see this film - but you'll need to wait until Christmas time to see it here in the UK and next year for you stateside folks...I love this shot of Paul, Stefan and Teddy (that I took at BritDoc). These boys are beautiful inside and out. All three of them. I feel lucky to even know them!


At least some decisions have been made now and I know more about what we're doing than I did before I flew down on Sunday so that's progress at least. I do suspect it will only be a matter of days before I am back down again.


Gradually more people are coming forward saying they'd like to take part in the film - which is awesome! It's high time I wrote all the benefactors and possibly the whole database of SYBD members to see if they'll come forward for the film. Then we need to decide just how many stories actually make the film. That will in part be decided once the production crew is on board and more likely so in the edit suite. It will be my aim to interview as many as possible. It will be the editor's job to select the best ones!


With each passing day we're getting a better idea of what we're doing, how we are going about it and assembling the dream team. I am on the verge of setting up a company which will house the website, the film production company and the new record label. The idea of partnerships is a little daunting if I am being honest, but at some point, I am gonna have to jump into bed with someone. I just hope I choose right. My choices in the past have clearly not always worked out well. Let's hope I've learned from them and choose better next time. (Hannah, pictured here) and I will run a production company...


Meanwhile I am exhausted. Even short trips like that take a fair bit out of me. So much so, I slept 10 hours last night.

Woke up and had a KRISPY KREME donut and marveled how much "life is good" at the moment.


Then it was a quick dash to Byres Road for mail and supplies. Dad had sent me a package which arrived in my absence - which included some random DVDs and MATT NATHANSON's new CD SOME MAD HOPE - which I am excited to get to know. I do find it incredibly odd that a SF-based musician is wearing a "classic" Radio Clyde shirt (which Grant tells me is from the '90s). My personal favorite is still "Come On Get Higher". A horny and sensual choon if ever there was one...On that note, I shall do something productive before I end up lost in a reverie...sigh.

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