Thursday, January 15, 2009

LISA DAILY TV: 3 Secrets to Attract Men,...& more


Well first of all - once again - Happy New Year to all of you around the world. Thank you for visiting the SYBD blog. It's not been updated as much as I'd like but slowly things are starting to kick into gear once again.

Over the coming months, the site and blog will continue to transform. On the Site - you'll see it scaled right down to its bare minimum - and traffic will funnel to the blog here - or the ex-change our supportive, global community - which is the true heart of the So You've Been Dumped website. It's free to join so if you haven't do so - please log in and read the tens of thousand of stories from men and women of all ages - from all over the world.


The articles which are currently on the site, will be migrated over to the blog with a link from the main site to each blog entry for easy access. This is so we can give you the best, most-read content on our blog - which is a lot easier to up-keep than the a site.

These days, time is of the essence!


As such a high volume of traffic comes to view the break up lines - we'll continue to add those as regularly as possible. They're guaranteed to make you smile. (Well OK I can't "guarantee" that but if you have any sense of humor left at all - they will.)

The page that recommends books will get a face lift and we'll have one of the best "recommended reads" section anywhere on the web - to help you transform your life!


Lisa Daily just sent us this week's dating video update "3 Secrets to Attract Men Like Ants to Grape Jelly". (Her titles crack me up!) Happy viewing!

Please please please - don't forget to enter Lisa's competition to win a copy of her new book - HOW TO DATE LIKE A GROWN UP. And to find out more on LISA DAILY - www.DatingExpert.TV is her fabulous website.

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