Wednesday, December 03, 2008



For the next few weeks the blog postings will be very sporadic on SYBD. This is due to the primary focus being on editing the "rough cut" of the So You've Been Dumped feature length documentary...Six days down another ten or so to go, I think.

Hopefully nearer to Christmas - entries will resume as normal. The past 2 weeks we've had no ASK SYBD entries (no time to write them, that is) and so far no RANDOM ACTS...but here's a little one.


Today on the site a new member "Uncuddled" has posted a great idea in time for the holidays. It's an opportunity to thank our troops (USA) for fighting which, to me in my mind is a pointless war, but they're risking their lives and that much I do appreciate. More info can be found on Let's Say Thanks.

These days I am making driving a bit of a game to see how many people I can "let in" or across my path. I am actually seeking opportunities to be kinder. Though yesterday I did speed up and cut a guy off - which was counter productive as he ended up getting mad and tail gating for several miles. Whoops. I will be more kind and consider today. See how you go...


If you're looking for a Random Kindness to do to me - here's what I want for Christmas, people. Vouchers for this. Well instead of giving gifts to each other, my friend Nicola and I are going to treat ourselves to massages.


I am going to put my tree up this evening. Putting it up means pulling it out of the box and plugging it in but I love it just the same. I am making all presents and all cards - apart from what I give to one, precocious seven year old. She's the only one I'll be spending money on. I have to say it will be fun to be around a kid on Christmas. It's not been the case for me since my nieces were wee. So that too will get me in the spirit no doubt.


I will get a "Bounced Back" piece up this Friday and all being well, tomorrow we'll have a new article from LISA DAILY - America's Favorite Dating Expert! She sent it yesterday but I seem to have lost it in my inbox somehow! 100 mails a day will do that to you.

Thanks for your patience.

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