Thursday, November 20, 2008

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS # 6: Simple Gesture of Kindness & LISA DAILY's TV


Well, I seem to be a day late with all my blogs this weather, so today I am combining what should have been posted yesterday (Random Act of Kindness) with today's normal LISA DAILY TV spot.

First things first, greetings from London...I am down to meet a group of community moderators for a night out of talking shop and trading ideas. That should be fun. But also we're having a night out in London for SYBD benefactors. These are always so fun as I get to put the names to the faces - something I love doing.

So just a short bit of "kindness" to report. Last week I was at the Tramway knitting with some people from a group. One of the ladies, Evelyn, gave another of the ladies Maggie a massive bag of yarn for a volunteer group she works with. I eyed one of the chunky, colorful balls thinking it would make a nice hat. I didn't think anything of it and about an hour later Maggie gave the ball of yarn to me. A simple gesture, that cost her nothing and yet meant a lot to me. I was touched. Such a nice group of people I seem to surround myself with. Always giving. So thank you Maggie.

Well I'll leave you with this week's TV from dating expert LISA DAILY - which I've yet to even watch yet. Let me know your feedback if you have any.


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