Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS # 5: Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Pardon the Australian soap opera reference in our title this week...

Each week here on the blog we try to spread a bit of kindness - just to show it's not all "doom and gloom" around these parts. Also we're firm believers about what we put out coming bouncing back. Today's input comes from an anonymous American woman who simply goes by Anon101.

"There are a couple of elderly women who live above me (separately) in my apartment complex. Whenever I see them carrying in bags of groceries or whatever, I normally stop and carry them up the steps for them. One morning I was running extremely late for a meeting, but I couldn't stand the thought of my neighbor trying to haul up six bags of stuff to her apartment. So, after I traipsed up and down the stairs a few times...(in a suit and heels, mind you)...I was sure that I was going to get reamed at work for being so late. Instead, I missed every red light on the way there and made it in the conference room just as everyone was sitting down!"

Isn't it great when life works out like that? Anon also gave us another story.

A year ago or so, on one of the morning talk radio shows, someone who called in told a great story of "paying it forward." Apparently, someone who was going through a McDonald's drive-thru decided to pay for the person behind him. Then the second person did the same. Then the third...and the fourth, I think. Even though I wasn't part of that line, hearing that story sure did put a smile on my face and made my morning much more enjoyable."

This past weekend - on a lovely drive in the country here in Scotland I clocked a tree in the wild with Christmas ornaments on it. I had to do a u-turn to go back and photograph it. What a wonderful and simple idea. I wished I'd thought of it myself. It made me wonder who the person was that did such a thing. Being one who loves Christmas lights, trees, ornaments etc - this really struck a cord with me. I hope it does you too. I thank you for keeping this thread going and hopefully you'll be inspired to do something kind for someone else.

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