Wednesday, November 05, 2008

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS # 4 - Flip Flops for Ice Cream


Apologies for my lack of timely posts this week. I've been rushed with film stuff and then got floored with a head cold. Today's rock bottom but I wanted to get something posted as it's Wednesday and a day for acts of kindness. This week's comes from Goldie...

One of my last random acts of kindness was on holiday. I decided to spend the day at the beach on my own. I went to the 'lagoon' which was a bit of a walk and you have to pay a few lira (Turkish) to get in as it's a protected area. The beach, whilst glorious is pebbly and can be very hard on the feet.

There was a couple on the next few sunbeds next to me and I heard her asking the sunshade guy if there was anywhere she could buy some cheap flip flops or shoes. There wasn't. All there was was a small beach hut selling snacks and drinks, the alternative being head back to town.

See, her shoes had broken and as they were only flip flops she couldn't walk on them. Seeing that their only options were swim round to town or piggy back off her husband (at their age, probably not the most sensible idea!) I offered her my shoes so they could walk into town and buy some more.

I got a Cornetto ice cream cone as a thank you, and very grateful they were too!


Recently Ken and I went for a shop in Glasgow. It was a busy Sunday and the stores were heaving with folks as we searched for a winter coat for him.

One store, (about the sixth we went in), was having a birthday party and you could reach your hand into a box at get discounts up to 50% off.

I suspect the box was filled with 25% tickets (as that's what each of us got on first attempt).

Ken jokingly says to the kid with the box, "Any 50%-offs in there?" and the guy said "I'll look" and sure enough a few minutes later, he had found one in his box, walked over to us and handed it to Ken.

So since it was 50% off everything we had, we both had a little shopping spree! I picked up a hoodie that says "Soul Cal" and a black v-neck jumper which I just love. Ken got some jeans and a fabulous black winter coat. We were smiling for ages after that.

Not sure the guy's boss would have liked that "random act of kindness" - but we sure appreciated it, and to be fair, we spent more than we would have without it.

So there you go.

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