Friday, October 10, 2008



'Been having some great chats with some wonderful, talented, creative people - who are offering to give SYBD a much-needed make over. The poor site has been left dangling in the wind for far too long, (shame on me!), but will be spruced up real pretty, very soon. I hope within the next few weeks, but frankly it's a little out of my hands when I am relying on other people to do the work! So, it will get done, when it gets done. Very zen-like of me, I know, but hey, it disguises my frustration just a little - of having to rely on other creative people to do this for me!

But in any event, I am excited to have a new, fresher site, which is easier to navigate and is more search-engine friendly! Win / win / win. Watch this space! And we're trying to raise the bar on the content level here too, which brings me nicely to my next topic...


Currently SYBD needs people to help write copy for the blog and new(you)sletter. (Please sign up for it now. We'll only be sending one out every two months - so you don't need to worry about being SPAMMED by us. Honestly.)

So if you fancy yourself as a budding writer - then why not email in some story ideas to Thea (at) soyouvebeendumped dot com. In return for your time and effort, we'll link to your site, blog, or product. We may even find some goodies to send by way of thanks.

The whole aim of the new(you)sletter is to help you be the best possible you that you can be! Sometimes we need a kick up the backside to really get us motivated to take action. That's what we'll do for you! There are some great pieces about "finding yourself" after a split, 10 ways to empower yourself (anytime), success stories and more.


Please note: you need to be a member to view our forum. But good news, it's FREE to join!

There are some fabulous threads on the forums - as ever. Like, in the DUMPED ZONE, what happens when you're in your forties and your husband comes in, sits you down and tells you he's leaving?

Of course SYBD is not all "doom and gloom" there are plenty of up beat success stories to be found!

In the SINGLE LIVING forum, we have a wonderful, long-standing thread where members add their own personal #1 best/worst thing about being single.

There is also a thread about a gentleman who just passed his one year anniversary since his break up and has gone on to achieve wonderful feats in the process!


We have a ever-growing list of some of the funniest, most bizarre break up lines. Many of which have wound up in a book I've written called "Goodbye My Lover". We add new lines to the list every few weeks (and subtract others). There have been more than a 1000 sent in. Some are classic, some are harsh, some are indecipherable, but all of which are real.


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