Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS # 2: Ways to Be Kind to Others

Following on from last week's blog, where Husky was given a helping hand by a helpful scooter stranger...This week, I thought I'd share the words from long-term benefactor Eva - now these are less "RANDOM" acts of kindness and more, merely suggestions as ways to be kind. In any event, they're constructive suggestions.


This is something that is needed all over the world!


-- Visit shut-ins or those in hospitals or nursing homes who don't get visitors.

-- Get involved with a local pet therapy group at your local hospital. Watching patients' faces light up when they get a visit from a playful dog makes my eyes well up.

-- If you have an elderly relative or neighbor, make a list of their medications for them and have them keep it in their wallet, help them organize their medications, take them to a medical appointment, make sure they know who to call in an emergency and review signs and symptoms of heart attacks and strokes. Tack down cords and rugs to try to prevent trip hazards in the home.

-- Volunteer at your local school, homeless shelter, animal shelter, hospital or church.

-- Volunteer with the Special Olympics.

-- Volunteer for your local Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. (When it is Girl Scout Cookie time, I don't buy the cookies as the troops only get a very small amount from the cookie sales...and I don't need to eat those cookies. Instead, I give them cash...that way they to use every penny. I am a big supporter of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. I was a Girl Scout up until I graduated from high school. I was a Girl Scout leader in college. I give to the local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and often speak to troops on career days and help them with first aid training. My pitch is over.)


Write letters and thank you friends, grandparents, troops currently serving..anyone who would love to hear from you.


Read to children at the local library. If you have old books, donate them to the library. Volunteer with a literacy organization.

Some wonderful ways to extend yourself there, Eva, thanks for that.

I especially like the one about thanking people. It's such a little thing to do. You can do it sending a wee email, text message or posting on a social networking profile. You can pick up the phone. You can write a postcard. You can send a hand-written letter. Remember them?


The other day, Kenneth and I went to town on the subway, and as we arrived back to my stop, he no longer needed his ticket, so he handed it to a stranger who was going toward the station. I am not sure the public transport system would like that one, but I sure did smile to myself when he did that. (I'd have done it too but mine is a week long ticket!) :)

If you don't take the tube, or the bus but tend to drive...Why not pass on your "pay and display" parking ticket if they're time left. Or if you see someone running out of time on the meters, add a coin. Pay the bridge or express toll for someone who is behind you...There's plenty for you to do.


I really have been taking these principles on board, once more, since starting this series. I am actively seeking one thing I can do that's kind to another person - whether it's someone I know or not. Sometimes I really have to actively search for something to do - and other times the opportunity just presents itself. What we put out comes bouncing back, often, ten-fold - the more good you put out the more good you get back.

But of course true giving comes without expectation of anything in return.

Oh and speaking of giving and of thanking people, I personally want to thank those of you who made generous donations in the past week. You know who you are. You're absolute stars in my eyes. Thank you so much. SYBD would be nothing without the kindness of site members! It'd have closed a long time ago! xxx

"It is better to give than to receive" - actually both are quite good. Have a lovely day!

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