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These are something that get talked a lot about on SYBD. In most cases, the tales have happened to the person doing the writing. I like to be on both the giving and the receiving end of these random acts (...who doesn't?) So I thought each week (or so) we're going to be featuring another story about kindness shown. Why? Because it's nice to be nice, and it's good to be inspired by other people. I have now taken it upon myself to try to do one act a day. It can be something as simple as letting someone in ahead of me in traffic (or at the grocery store), leaving someone a message on their profile, simply letting someone know I appreciate them, or it can be a bit bigger with more thought planned out. Hopefully you'll be inspired to simply do something nice for someone else - not so you get something back - but just because it feels good to GIVE.

The first submission comes from a London-based, Scooter-loving gal, Husky:

I'd been out for the evening with a friend and got back to my scooter around 10PM to ride home. I smiled and nodded at the other biker in the parking bay, put my helmet on and set off.

Ten metres later, my scoot sputters and dies.

I start up, set off, it sputters and dies again. Repeat twice; sit staring at dashboard in despair. The fuel light went on fairly recently and I usually get a good 15 miles out of the reserve, so I don't know how this has happened, but it has.

Meanwhile the other guy from the bike bay has got going - but instead of roaring off into Bloomsbury he stops beside me. This is why you should always nod and smile!

"Out of petrol?" he asks. He's Australian, about my age, riding a small Gilera motorcycle.

"Looks like it," I reply, then add "I'd better ring the AA," so he won't think I'm angling for him to go and fetch me some fuel (which I am).

"Want to hop on the back and I'll take you to the garage?"

I assent with gratitude and ascend with a clumsy legover. Yes Ma, I got on the back of a complete stranger's bike at half-past ten at night in Camden, trusting in the international biking fraternity to keep me safe. (If it looked like we were leaving W1 for some seedy crack den, I planned to tip myself off the back.) At the first set of traffic lights he introduced himself as Neil and asked my name.

At the petrol station I bought a can and a fiver's worth of unleaded, and we returned with the container jammed between us. Once I'd filled my tank he excused himself on the grounds of having to get up early the next morning and we parted with a handshake and many injunctions to take care and ride safe.

Thank you, Neil, wherever you are, for turning a disaster into an adventure!

Excellent story. Thanks for sharing Husky,...If you have a story you want to contribute - please log onto the forum to the PAY IT FORWARD thread and tell us about it...

While it's always fun to be nice to people we know - it can be even more exhilarating to do something nice for a complete stranger. Try it and tell us about it! Thank you for reading.

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