Tuesday, September 16, 2008



I believe it was Mahatma Gandhi who said - "As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, keep it." Which I totally agree with.

Truly I can get little messages in conversations, TV shows, songs and simply looking out my window. Inspiration is literally everywhere,...

The other day inspiration came from a random, not terribly unusual conversation with my dear friend Nic. She had discovered a cool podcast by a woman named Byron Katie through Oprah's Soul Series. I checked it out and liked what I found so much I'm telling anyone who will listen. Then today when reading a thread called "8 Months, Still So Obsessed" I decided to write not only a reply to him, but also an article for SYBD on Byron Katie. In the article you'll see how I am applying the principles to the challenge/s in my own life.


This morning, it was a brief visit to Pacific Quay to chat to Fred MacAulay on his radio show. It's always a gas doing Fred's show -- even if he did take the piss out of me after I genuinely complimented him on his shirt! (Incidentally I was wearing a lovely V-neck knit sweater!)

Anyway, the topic of break-up lines is one of my favorite topics. On the show he had two high school kids reporting how they'd dumped and been dumped. Bebo seems to be a more common method (as are MySpace and Facebook) but the guy's dumping line he'd used was priceless..."I'm gonna be too busy golfing to see you this summer". Class!

Getting ready for the show meant - revisiting my own break up lines book and has made me more determined than ever to release the book - which is already written and sitting here on the hard drive! It's tentatively called "Goodbye My Lover". See a sample of lines on So You've Been Dumped's Break Up Lines page! Keep the lines coming...There's been thousands over the years and that page is constantly re-generated (lines are added and subtracted each month!)

Lunch time!

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