Friday, August 15, 2008



Well, I woke up this morning, switched on the Blackberry, to find a lovely email/donation to SYBD. Honestly, I never tire of getting these, and you do not know how needed (and appreciated) these voluntary things are. Yes, I feel blessed...(at least momentarily!)

Got out of my bed and on to my desk by 9am and ended up having a rather friction-ridden Skype-discussion - which left me feeling less-than-happy. Sour even. Another opportunity to practice surrendering. Isn't that such a challenge when you come into contact with people whom you perceive to be displaying a "bad attitude"? Thank you universe for this lesson.

There is a quote I posted on So You've Been Dumped's forums some months back that says - I believe it's original origin is the Tao Te Ching or maybe just Wayne Dyer's interpretation of it in CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS CHANGE YOUR LIFE - "I fully trust that others do know what is best for themselves."

This may well be my most challenging lesson in life. I think it is for most people. We always assume we know what is best for people but do we? Maybe yes, maybe no.


So I do what I do best, throw myself into getting things done. Work is my saviour. I've been scouting about for a business partner/mentor/angel type person to join the ranks of Camp SYBD. I pray this person is out there. Someone with Web 2.0 (or eveb 3.0) savvy and some free time and spare capital!

I can guarantee SYBD is a fun place to work and it has bags of potential. Truly it does. When I last checked there were twenty-seven spin-off ideas for the brand. Don't even get me started about the traffic - which is awesome of late. You know this year alone we've had visitors from 165 countries. I bet there are top rated sites on the internet who don't even have coverage from that many countries!

Yes, heartbreak truly knows no boundaries!


A little while later, after my disconcerting conversation, I was ranting, I mean chatting, to my best friend here, Nicola. Out of the blue she has just bought me a massage for today at 2:30. When she said that (over Skype) - I burst into tears. I guess I didn't realise how stressed I was! I think I've soaked up a lot of pain, anger, negativity and the like this week and it all just came out.

No doubt more will come out in this massage today. I can't wait. I could use some serenity...Anyway I do feel better now. So much so it's time to do this week's DUMP.

Check out my DUMP 100 blog to find out how my CHALLENGE (by Nicola actually) is going.

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