Monday, July 28, 2008



I found a new blog in my travels which I quite like. It's on a site for blogs called MyBlogLog...the blog in question is called Living Or Surviving.

I have a phrase I use a lot on SYBD that people will not only "survive" their break up that eventually they'll "thrive" so I quite liked the sound of this blog.

I've just watched a great video on it about Randy Pausch - who did a "Last Lecture" on Oprah last year and died this week of Cancer. I highly recommend watching it - particularly if you're in the need of some inspiration. File this one under "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" I guess. "It's all Small Stuff".


Anyway I am joining so many sites it's unreal. I wonder how many I will keep up with. Sometimes we just do that don't we? Try things for a few days then get bored or side tracked? I am on TWITTER which is a bit of fun, and I've joined the MYBLOGLOG one...On LINKED IN, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK et al. Do you get the feeling I just have too much time on my hands? :)

I joined some other blog-type site a few days ago and am bored of it already.

Really I'm just devouring content from all four corners of the globe right now. I truly am. Books, websites, blogs, videos...You name it, I'm taking it in!


Just tonight I discovered, on the Marketing Vox forum, a new search rival GOOGLE...this one is EX-GOOGLE employees and it's cool - in fact so cool it's called CUIL. Really. So I had to CUIL myself of course (as ya do) and it came up with like 3000 returns or something. (As if). I looked up Dumped and Break up and was most surprised that, at least in both instances I (the site) come up on the first page but oddly enough it seems to come up higher on "break up" than "dumped" which surprised me given the name of the site. Go figure.


So as of today, I am back on my "get fit" routine - in terms of getting healthy or should I say eating more healthy. The body really is a temple...that means eating better, cutting down on caffeine, avoiding smoke!...It's a challenge.

I had no meat or caffeine today - so that's something - but I did have a bowl of Mint Ice Cream (purely to finish off the tub, mind you) and a handful of M&Ms (I blame you Eva) so not all "good" as such. Oh well, it's in stages, I guess...Better than "cold turkey". I am one of those people who just can't go "cold turkey" on anything...which is why I've always sucked at "NO CONTACT" (aka NC)...'Must have one of those systems that doesn't like those sudden changes I guess. So I need to make transitions more gradual.

Anyway - watch that video I've linked above. It's a good one!

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