Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Monday


Well what a gorgeous day it is in Glasgow. It almost feels like summer here. Oh wait, it IS summer here. I nearly forgot. Got up, showered and on the sofa by 10am. Slowly I began going through some interview footage in Pittsburgh and California too. About to screen another interview from Pittsburgh now.

Just thought I'd take a few moments to update the blog though. Been a bit neglectful this past wee while. Birthdays will do it to you, I guess.


Had a great night out with a small group of us who ended up at the WEE CHIPPY DOON THE LANE. It was really for Ross but I piggy-backed on the celebrations too. Tracy, a fellow cancer, was also we all swapped pressies...Kenneth, Nicola and Grant made up the party. After a lovely slap up chippy, my old friend Debbie brought us upstairs to the posh "member's only" club called 29.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and - we hatched a plan to join as a group! (ha ha). Seriously, I will no doubt join myself (sometime soon). We trundled along home, all of us, in time to catch my radio show which aired at midnight on RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL. It's fun being able to play it through SKY TV in surround sound. Music sounds better in surround sound, dontchaknow?


Ross and I hit the River Festival in Glasgow for a time. It was ok. Lots of people, lots of boats and jet skis and the most immense wind ever. It was really too windy for me. Once we'd done a walk the whole way along, took several photos and had an ice cream cone - I was ready to split.

Besides, I'd promised to meet up with Kenneth at his to work on lyrics for some new songs. Hmm, I've always wanted to be a song writer. I think I'm doing not-too-bad all things considered...Nipped to Braehead and then had a slap up Italian meal whilst watching SHUT UP IN SING...which I of course love.


Dabbling in artist management - I had to get some of Kenneth's music burned to disk as best quality as possible as we were heading to a studio to meet up with a chap called Billy. So we headed out, far west, in Glasgow and found ourselves in a good sized studio with all kinds of kit. Kenneth played a few songs while I snapped some photos from the sidelines.

It was fun and an indication of things to come (sessions / studio time lined up for the next month or two). It's an exciting time. Some of these tracks may very well wind up in the SYBD movie. I know "nepotism" - but if you can't help out your friends in your own business than who can you help out? I mean isnt that half the reason to do your own thing - so you can work with / for the people you want to? I'd give a lot of my friends proper jobs if I could swing it. It's not out of the question over the coming year either with so many projects on the "go".

Last night after we had an amazing Mexican Meal...I then enjoyed a quiet night on my own - slobbing on the sofa in front of the TV. It felt like a long, tiring week and it was good to just "be".

I was most-chilled out after my candle lit bath until I couldn't find my new journal (that I bought myself for my birthday) and I literally tore the whole house apart looking for it for an hour - and by the time I finally collapsed into bed around 1am I was well and truly scunnered. Grrrr. Oh well once I poured all my thoughts onto the page I was finally at peace enough to sleep.


I've woken to the most lovely sunshine and think it's time I got my clothes on the line and sandwich made. With three food parcels sent from America last week - I certainly won't starve any time soon.

Yeah, I feel good. Life is good.

Back to the interviews now. Enough skiving! :)

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