Thursday, July 24, 2008



Excuse me while I have some random musings...You see, I've just had a private message on SYBD from a lovely and rather handsome Kiwi site member. It's a podcast about LOVE. (Link later on...)

I've often been heard (or read) saying that "Love is the most over-rated, mis-interpreted word in the history of words" and I firmly believe that.

Love can (does) mean different things to different people. It's a question of semantics, sometimes. We love our dog, our cat, our folks, our children, our siblings, our friends, our partners, a TV show, a band, a holiday destination, even a website.

What's love to one person may be nothing-of-the-sort to the intended recipient. Herein lies the problem.

If we're speaking solely of "romantic love" then I'd estimate that nine times out of ten, when people say "I love him" (or her) they're usually talking about LUST or EGO LOVE....not true love. I am a firm believer that real love is in fact rare. Most of the time love that's talked about and seemingly-felt is CONDITIONAL LOVE. I love you - as long as you - don't smoke, call me, leave the toilet seat down, take out the trash, cook for me, behave how I want you to, etc. (Insert your own conditions, and hey we ALL have them)...

If I am being honest, I believe I've only ever been "in love" one time some years ago, yet I thought I loved several men in my life (I guess on some level I did love them). Really, it wasn't until I had it - that I realised that all the others were merely attempts to have (or prequels for) REAL LOVE.

Love is NOT like it is in the movies and in the songs (no wonder we all have such distorted views of love!)...

Not "real love" anyway. REAL LOVE - says "I love you no matter what - even if you chose to leave my life". That's much more of a challenge though, isn't it? REAL LOVE, to me is bringing out the BEST in each other rather than the WORST. REAL LOVE, to me, is treating each other with kindness, respect and benevolence. That's not always easy (especially when PMS-ing, am I right girls?)


So anyway I listened to this podcast this morning and it's got me thinking about LOVE. "Real love". Spiritual love. Love without attachment. Unconditional love. I wonder, is it even possible? I am not sure, but I am striving for it anyway. The world would be a better place if we all had it, I reckon. Have a listen OK? Then leave some comments. I am curious to hear what you think about LOVE.

Anyway - right now, I am just grateful for the opportunity to PRACTICE LOVE every day, because I believe it takes that...both of the Self and of others.

Right, that's me. Love yas! :)

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