Thursday, July 03, 2008


Well I've mentioned that there are plans a foot to transform this here website - the question is HOW COULD IT BE BETTER? It's good to know our strengths and weaknesses.

Over the years, eight to be exact, I've tried a variety of things with varying degrees of success. I feel as though, in many ways, I've carried it as far as I can (mostly) alone, and now I need to bring in other skilled people to take it into the next EIGHT years. (Yes, tomorrow is our birthday! SYBD's - mines not for another week).

Some of the things that often get suggested are below.

1) LIVE CHAT – there have been times in the past where we had live chats (for maybe six years there was one here and it was barely ever used). At one point, it (allegedly) became a "security risk" and our provider asked us to take it down…

I’d consider investigating (and re-implementing) if the collective community feel it’s important, but again, the past has show it was seldom used, so keeping an open mind.

2) CHARGING – For a few years I had a (nominal) subscription in place because people said “Thea, people value what they pay for” but in all honestly it KILLED the site’s dynamic and it took a good year to get it back to the levels we had before subscription. So I am loathe to implement that again unless we can come up with the right cost / benefit solution.

In my experience, people want what's FREE. I could be persuaded to change my position on this - if the right structure was suggested, and I felt that the members were actually getting what they paid for.

What's the right fee? And what would you expect for your hard-earned dosh? That's always the question is it? Pricing is so important. Charge too much - people get pissed off and go elsewhere, or charge not enough and people don't think you're up to much! It's a fine line.

3) PROFILES & DARES – I’ve been looking at other sites (not just break up ones) to see how they’re working, and frankly one I love is Lance Armstrong’s new site - which I have mentioned recently.

I like how you can create profiles and DARE people to do stuff. In that site’s case, it might be “drink more water” (which I am trying to do!), but in our case, “I dare you not to snoop, or contact your ex” or whatever may be more relevant!

People there can have pictures in their profiles and tell a bit about themselves. So that may be a way we head too.

Though, of course, currently on SYBD's forum you can have details about yourself in your profile, but not enough people feel out their profiles!

4) RETAIL THERAPY – is there anything we should be selling here? I used to have "break-up survival kits" and whether or not I was just “too early” in my thinking, had the wrong things in the basket or whatever – they didn’t work, but I loved the idea of it. Could have Kleenex, chocolate, even a DVD these days – who knows.

But if we had a SHOP – what kind of stuff would you like in it? Books? Clothes? CDs? What?

5) INSTANT MESSAGES – should we do what other sites (like FB) have where you can send instant messages when logged on? I figure most people just end up taking it off line to MSN / Yahoo and the like…but if the technology was there, perhaps members would like to stay ‘in house’ as it were? I am not sure...

So some exciting stuff is on the horizon for the NEW LOOK SYBD version 3.0.

My aim is to get as many site member's comments as possible to take to the "team" to create an even better source for advice, information and support than we already are!

There have been many things I’d like to have implemented over the years, but either my own malaise/apathy prevented it, or more often than not, CAPITAL has been the true constraint…

Let's do some collective brainstorming...Thanks for your time and input on this important matter.


Hard to believe that Independence Day (July 4) is our birthday. It's come around so fast.

Eight years old and still growing...I am truly a "proud mum" having effectively given birth to it. It's taken on a life of its own since 2000 and here's to another eight years!

The only down side here is once SYBD's bday happens, I know mine is just around the corner! Ho hum... :)

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