Sunday, July 27, 2008



Just in from a long day out...Met with "the girls" at the Tramway at lunch time for some stitching and gabbing (no longer bitching)...which was nice but I was distracted (as usual).

I am starting to think I am sufferieng from A.D.D. - did I say that last time? I can't remember...So maybe that's not the only thing I am currently suffering from?

So I'd arranged to pick up Grant to go for a walk at 3pm but when he came down I suggested we head to the coast to somewhere like Largs...I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go - just that I wanted to walk along the coast today in the sunny Sunday we wound up in Troon actually. And we could not have had a better day. . .Perfect weather for a wee ice cream and dipping your toes in the water.

After a long walk on the beach, we opted for some fish and chips at a local chippy...then a long walk around back to the car!

On the way back to Grant's, we ended up coming past his parents house, and I got to meet the folks! Now it's been six or seven years that we've been buddies, and this was the first time meeting the rents. They were lovely. Enjoyed the banter.

Once I got home it was straight to the tub to wash off the sandy feet. Felt great.


Had a quick chat with Nic a wee while ago, who told me about THE ONE HUNDRED THINGS CHALLENGE...and I loved the idea of it.

As a true PACK RAT, it's been driving me a bit MAD that I have so much I am sorta doing my own 'take' on the 100 Challenge and in true SYBD spirit I am going to DUMP 100 THINGS. 20 things per week for the month of August. I'll blog what I get rid of. Some stuff will go to the trash. Some will go to the charity shop. Some will simply be given to people I know.

Does anyone want to join my challenge? Really when you think about it - we all have too much "stuff" and I've been looking for motivation to get rid of it. Regular readers of my blog will have read that instead of buying any Christmas presents last year, I donated bags of stuff to charity. And you know what - not one friend seemed to mind they didn't get any materialistic crap from me! Hooray!

Well, this is keeping in line with that. It really is time. Plus it will make it easier when I move house next year. Win/Win all around!

So do you think you can dump 100 things? Books? CDs? Clothes? Gadgets? I probably could dump 1000 but let's start with the 100. Shall we?

Don't worry, I won't just dump 100 CDs - cos that would be far too easy. ;)


It's late and my head is mush - must be all that lovely SUN! That and reading so many articles on the web about revenue streams, e-marketing, communities, technology...Honestly I should be getting a PhD with all this studying...

PS: I've just created a wee blog just for this no going back now! :)

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