Tuesday, July 22, 2008



I saw the new BATMAN film this morning THE DARK KNIGHT. It was a stellar film. Christian Bale is admittedly one big hottie in that black suit but the real show of course has to be Heath. He was absolutely astounding in the mad role of the JOKER. He really was. Makes me just a little bit sad, but man does he "go out" in a blaze of glory. His last hurrah was pretty awe-inspiring. Lots of action - my only complaint would be like many, I suppose, the film was just a bit too long. Still go see it (on the IMAX screen if you can).


When I returned I had just enough time for a spot of lunch and then it was off to meet a former member for a coffee. This member had such a classic break up - finding out her ex was cheating by intercepting messages on a mobile phone (as I vaguely recall). There was much drama that surrounded the end of her relationship so it was wonderful to see her, hear about her many achievements since she logged on to SYBD and watch as she tried to rein in her 9-month old toddler! I tried to persuade her to chat to me on camera but she's understandably dubious. I am quite used to that. Maybe if she sees the way I am heading with the film she'll be more at ease. I tried to explain that her story was a good one but she was less-than-convinced. I think all of us must feel that way about our lives. They're often much more interesting to other people. Even mine...and I run a very unsual community, travel the world meeting them (and making a movie about it) but sometimes my life feels, well, lacklustre.

Trust me, her story is good. She's traveled the world (alone), achieved several degrees/diplomas (most recently an MA!), bought a place of her own, eventually found a man, had a kid --- this has been over the course of a few years, but yeah, she's truly inspiring.


Since I got back from our pow-wow I've been busy networking on various social networking sites (for real business purposes not just re-connecting with college buddies or whatever), and reading reams of cyber paper on monetising websites and community forums.

I found one article/blog on the Wall Street Journal site - that was talking about community trends..."Thirty-five percent of the online communities studied have less than 100 members; less than 25% have more than 1,000 members"...

Well I am happy to say that my site must be in the minority...we grow at several hundred a month....and there are thousands of members! And the site itself costs buttons to run...so I am on the right track, I feel.

What is a challenge is taking advantage of ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES when you run a "free" website. Here's another article/blog that was intriguing to me about the trends of 2008 written by a chap called Bruce Temkin.

Honestly, I feel like I am a 40-year old student researching all this stuff but like my grandma used to say "if it don't do ya no good won't do ya no harm"...maybe I'll end up teaching some of the courses on the subject one day. I am convinced I have a UNIQUE experience for Glasgow based site owners...someone might find my life experience useful one day eh?

I am still reading ONCE YOU'RE LUCKY TWICE YOUR GOOD - which is fabulous. Also books like DOT CON and FROM .COM TO .PROFIT....

Anyway I am trying to juggle days/work...so yesterday was mostly about the film and interviews - today's been about the website...tomorrow may be some writing (my agent James would be happy to hear that, I think! Hi James!) and then back to the film, the site and then the writing the rest of the week. I do find it hard to concentrate on one project at a time. I guess I truly am part of the MTV generation huh? (I was in High School when it started) and sometimes I feel like I suffer from A.D.D.

Anyway - it's time to switch off for the night.

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