Sunday, July 06, 2008



Well another year has come and gone...The site is a year older now and heck, so am I, soon...

In the coming months, the site will hopefully be experiencing a transformation, and in that it feels as though I will too. Eight years is a long time. My relationship with my site has been as riddled with peaks and valleys as my romantic relationships have, but you know what? It's been more of a constant in my life than any man and than any job - so I must be doing something right?

I'm still here. It's still here. I still love it - even though I've been a bit remiss the past few years.

Think about the thousands of stories that have passed through these walls...The story of BOB (*name change) whose wife gave him two-months notice that she was was leaving him for a high school sweetheart (some thirty years on). She did it like she was leaving a job rather than a husband. That was classy. Not.

Or Jen who got dumped on her birthday, on a cruise, on the first night. Classy too. But Jen's happy healthy and well with a wonderful husband and baby now.

Or there was the gal, Sandy, who got dumped on Valentine's Day, over a pay phone in the rain - just four hours after she buried her grandfather.

Yes, there have been countless stories of long relationships, short relationships, even non-relationship relationships, from men and women all over this globe - and even in countries I never have even heard of before. But people bounce back. Most of them anyway. We are resilient by nature, I believe. I like to include myself in that category. Often down but not out. Like a phoenix - I always rise from the ashes a bit bolder a bit stronger a bit wiser. Most of us do after a heartbreak of any kind. It's just so damn hard to see it at them time.


The Internet (SYBD) has meant these people (and me too) can bond over this universal experience - across all borders and time zones and cultures. It's truly remarkable for me to sit and watch from the sidelines. I can sit and see who is becoming friends with whom - and feel blessed to have been able to connect these, sometimes unlikely, people together. It's a bit surreal for me if I am being honest. It's sort of my own "It's a Wonderful Life" moment, I guess.

In eight years, to my knowledge, there has yet to be an SYBD wedding, but it wouldn't surprise me, one day, if it happened. Bet it does in the next eight years - and I'd better be invited to the wedding!


Well it's another gray day in Glasgow. Wind is blowing through the trees and the birds are singing - in spite of the dullness.

As I watch the nature like it's a television - I am contemplating my life and my regrets. My biggest regret is for all the times I've done things to hurt people (often the closest to me) or made them feel bad.

It's happened more often than I care to admit. Studying the Tao has helped me a lot in my perspective, but it has not equipped me to not still get things horribly wrong. And as a typical moody cancer, if you catch me on a bad day, you'll more than likely feel the wrath. And if you have felt it, I apologise to you. Though I do hurt people, it's genuinely seldom if ever my intention to ever do so.

For today, I will concentrate on those people in my life who do love me warts and all. Who do realise that good days (and good moods) tend to outweigh the bad. They know the tough exterior is just that and that deep inside is a soft squishy sensitive thing. I am a firm believer in Karma and the Golden Rule. I've spoke it on many occasions on this blog and so I know that the sadness I am experiencing is not only self-inflicted but ultimately will help me to grow and learn to be a better person. So all the pain is not without its gain.

If there is one skill I possess - I'd say it has to be resilience. Another is gratitude. I am so grateful for all my experiences - even the challenging ones.


Well, my friend Fiona in Australia just sent me some links for four Damien Rice videos. Am making my way through them as I type these words this morning...Right now it's Rootless Tree...It's powerful and emotive. He's got the gift. Check it out - if you can handle intensity and the f-bomb.


My wonderful friends John and Dionne just gave birth to an Independence Day Boy. I am so delighted for them and can't wait to see their bundle of joy in the flesh!

Well I have a living room to organise...July is about scaling down the "stuff" cluttering up my world.

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