Tuesday, July 15, 2008



We finally got some sunshine in Scotland - it's been a mixed bag since my return from the US of A.

Torrential rain, wind, clouds, thunder, lightning and a wee bit of sun for good measure.

On Saturday - I tagged along as "K" took wee "E" to horseback ride in the country. It sure brought back memories for me - as I grew up on the back of horses from the time I was two years old...Right through to having my own lovely Buckskin Quarterhourse many years later,...and even had a spell of vaulting on horseback (gymnastics on horses while they're running a circle) - in my school days. Yep, suffice it to say, I was horse daft.

While she rode, K, his mum and I wandered around looking at the animals on the farm - of which there were many - goats, bunnies, highland cows and more!

On Sunday, we went for a good, long ramble all over Rouken Glen Park. I, of course, took silly photos the whole time. I can't seem to help myself. We would ocassionally sit and talk on a bench, some rocks or the grass. It was a pretty chilled out Sunday - as all good Sunday's should be!

Came back, had some dinner and birthday cake (a day early) and watched the movie SINGLES. Love that Cameron Crowe...

Woke up and headed out for a meeting with Billy who manages many bands. We met up on Byres Road and had a good long chat. Left him and headed up to collect my mail (a card, a pressie and a check for $40.00 which I now have to send back to my dad so he can deposit it stateside!) before heading to meet Nic for lunch at the Lab. Food was less-than-desirable so I don't think I'll be heading back any time soon.

Nic picked up the wonderful 8-CD set by Wayne Dyer that I was after. Well I didn't really know I was after it until she gave it to me (the markings of a brilliant best friend)...but I was delighted to get it. Thanks Nic.

Left her and headed up for a film - MAMA MIA which was so incredibly-dire I nearly walked out on several ocassions. NOTE TO SELF: Love MUSIC - not MUSICALS. I was never a real ABBA fan anyway so that could have been part of it. Still it was nicely shot, had a great cast, and it made me want to go to Greece - so the day wasn't a total loss. :)

Hopped the tube over to the west end to get my nails tidied up. Met up with K who paid (Thanks doll) and then we went for a Chinese meal - the place we went the day we met (Thanks doll). After a lovely meal, we headed to FOPP and bought a few Ryan Adams CDs (Thanks doll) and into town to Borders in search of a DVD (which we eventually ordered online when we got back to mine). So all in all it was a quiet - but - decent day.

It was in direct contrast to last year's festivities where a group of us had a meal, I'd hired a venue and spun the 80s choonz etc...and topped it off in a 5-star hotel! Nope, this year's affair was much more low key and subdued.

That said, I think we're having a get together this weekend on Friday because my good friend "R" turns 40. So sort of a joint celebration as it were. Besides who wants to paint the town red on a Monday!?

All I have to say is - I am glad it's over. I had no expectations so was not disappointed in any way (which is a real good thing). I was messaged on SYBD, on Facebook, MySpace, on my phone and by email - by no less than 20 people. Even had a few e-cards....so all in all - I felt treasured. Thanks to those of you who did get in touch. Much appreciated.


Well I am growing increasingly scatty these days. I lose track of time, get dates mixed up, and do silly things like leave the house and get a few stops on the tube before starting to panic that I left the hair straighteners on.

I did that today - in fact. Off to see a press show, (of MEET DAVE), armed with birthday cup cakes for me and Thom (his birthday is Thurs) and I get just two stops away and am convinced I've left them on. So there's me - getting off, crossing the platform and boarding another tube only to arrive home to realise I had unplugged them. Curses! Numpty!

So I assumed the universe had a different plan for me today and I made the best use of my time as possible before meeting David for lunch at the Park Inn Hotel. We had a lovely catch up - both missing our Q96 days terribly (he used to come on after me on Friday nights)...And we filled each other in on what all our wonderful colleagues are doing now (compared notes and so forth). It was a lovely meal (thanks D).


I've had some updates on my FACEBOOK profile this week that seems to be causing quite a stir, I guess. I think it's down to words simply meaning different things in the US and the UK. For instance - over the weekend, due to staying up late for my radio show on RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL - I'd written I was "shattered" which generally means "exhausted" here...but a few concerned friends took to writing me privately to make sure I was "ok". I think they feared the worst (either something happened to my dad or with K)....then I had "is in denial" as my status - and that was simply meaning the fact I was denying the fact another birthday was upon me and again - I had concerned messages on my wall and privately. So I've had to be more succint in my updates...so right now the message is: "has survived another birthday! Thanks for well wishes my lovely friends!:)" Don't think that one can be misconstrued, do you? :) Isn't that funny though...?

Well I am off to K's to do some brainstorming on his Whiteboard - and I'm already six minute's late! Whoops! And I am usually so punctual!! Oh well will bring him some cupcakes and all will be forgiven :)

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