Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Well I do love living abroad because my birthday DOES truly last a whole month by the time my pals get round to sending me stuff (and I am three times as tardy as they are!) So today I went to get my mail and had FIVE BOXES of treats. Joc went way over board (thanks hon) and Kimba - great stuff. I've not seen the DVD so you're just fine! I can't wait to in fact!

There was a ridiculous amount of junk food sent my way - particularly when I am trying to shed a stone. Cheers gals! (The Triscuits look healthy at least. Ha ha. One out of ten aint bad),..Ha! M&Ms (yum), Jelly Bellys, Hersheys, Twizzlers (Cherry which are actually a bit sickly for me but no doubt will get eaten), pop corn, Rice Krispy Treats, and Graham Crackers (Thinking of S'mores, Joc?) and yummy David Sunflower Seeds (my fave!).

The cards from Kimba and Jocelyn were lovely! Kimba's made me laugh out loud, so it did. It's a picture of Moses at the pool side as a man is diving into the pool, mid-way down and noticing the pool has been parted like the Red the top the caption reads "Moses's first and last day as a lifeguard". Hee-larious! No? Maybe it's a location type thing (ya had to be there).

And as if all this weren't enough - my friend Stephen took me to lunch at RADIO off Byres Road. Tastey Fish & Chips with apple juice (no caffeine today, yay me). So yeah it's all good. The celebrations continue.

Can't wait for bath time as Joc sent bath cupcakes. They're just adorable. Almost too cute to use in the bath. They look good enough to eat (but don't think I'll bother!) :)

Thanks to all my lovely family and friends. Much appreciated :)

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