Wednesday, June 25, 2008



Well good news - at least for me and the folks who do tune into Radio Six International - I'll be back on air from the beginning of JULY. Check out the site to find out when because as of now I am not sure when - possibly the time slot I had in March,...I cannot believe it's been so long already since my shows air in March. Time has flown by - big style.


This week - I was challenged by my friend Eva to join Lance Armstrong's new site LIVE STRONG. Finally managed to take a good look at the site. It's awesome. I am doing a challenge to drink more water! I don't drink nearly enough. And this week for Monday to Friday - I am having no sugar, no caffeine, no crisps, no chips - basically nothing 'fun'.

'Been two days and I am doing great!

My main vices (food wise anyway) are Coke (the drink, natch), Tea and chocolate. It's no doubt quite a shock to the system to be abstaining from them all!


I've spent my two days back "at work" - transcribing interviews from America. I had so many wonderful chats with wonderful people but I've still no idea who will end up in the final project. Definitely needs to be decided by someone who is not ME. Too tough to call for me. I have liked all I've met but some stories are bound to be more compelling than others. It's only natural.


I am beyond excited for the new look SYBD. It's long overdue. I really could be cited for site neglect here. Maybe a new lick of paint will make me want to spend more time on the site. Maybe it's very similar when you re-do a room in your home? All I know is for many months now - SYBD is not the first place I want to be each day. I've been struggling to relate to the forum members and give the most constructive advice. Thankfully there are dozens of wonderful benefactors and moderators on there to pick up my slack.


Well, good news - the lovely Julia Johns is in today's DAILY MAIL...

Julia is one of the stars of the (SYBD) film - with one of the most compelling stories - ever. Great to see her getting on with things. She's happy, healthy and not at all bitter like her ex insinuates in the paper! :)

If you've experienced bigamy and need support contact STOP BIGAMY now.

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