Thursday, June 26, 2008



I've another day to go on my self-imposed ban on caffeine, tea, coke, chocolate, crisps and chips. I am doin' good (over all) but feeling pretty rough...and cranky....(don't even talk to me about my intolerance levels of late).

Have had a low-level headache for days, but once I make up my mind and commit to something, I am going to see it through. I thought I'd challenged myself to just go a week. Then, Hannah told me, last night, it takes TWO WEEKS to get caffeine out of your system. Could I do that? Probably. Will I? Doubtfully.

As far as caffeine goes, I doubt there's too much in a wee cuppa - but it's the principle involved. I know it's not like giving up Heroine or Nicotine but damn it, it's been pretty damn hard for me. One thing that's helped me is I didn't drink much Coke or Tea in America for the five weeks that I was there - so that maybe helped wean me off it.

Just found an article about it on the web.

Be careful with caffeine

Every time you drink tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, or cola you are giving your body a 'hit' of caffeine. Along with nicotine and alcohol, caffeine is one of the three most widely used mood -affecting drugs in the world.

If you have more than two or three caffeine drinks per day Your 'habit' may be affecting you emotionally and physically much more powerfully than you'd expect.

Having a challenging time - but I'll see it through at least until tomorrow night.


As they saying goes "THIS TOO SHALL PASS". That goes for everything good in our lives as well as everything less-than-good. Everything is transient.


I am most excited about the return to RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL. Though it's only a labor of love - it's always a fun thing to do. Radio truly is my bliss. No matter what stress I've been under, I walk into that studio, put the headphones on and I am away. Nothing else matters. Nothing else exists. It's my own form of meditation I think. As I say, my bliss.

What's yours?

This first show is a special for INDEPENDENCE DAY...and airs Midnight on the 4th of July, (so 4pm PST)...Saturday morning in Australia (and New Zealand),...So look out for American-styled tracks from Americans, Australians, English and Scots! An eclectic mix to be sure.

Well it's time to go. Men in Trees is on and Lord knows I could use a wee distraction!

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