Friday, June 06, 2008



It's funny but the only thing I seem to do in California is meet people for food. It's literally like every lunch and dinner I am out eating with some friend or another. Yesterday for lunch I met Tina an old chum from High School. We had a lovely chat over a salad. Always a pleasure to see her...Then a bit of sun by the pool and it was time to get ready to meet Teri and old chum from college days.

It was kind of strange how I met Teri...I actually worked at Tower Records with her boyfriend Nick. But then Teri worked nearby at a place we used to eat a lot and we had some friends in common too. So it was preordained (or something) that I was due to be Teri's friend.

Teri regaled me with stories last night. One of being chased by a bear...and of her time at Yellowstone, across Utah, and down under to Sydney etc.

As I listened to her talk I was marveling at the fact that Teri and Nick are seemingly about the best couple I know. They've been together forever, they travel the world together, the just seem to be two peas in a pod. I know of few other couples that are enviable in such a way. It's nice to hear about some couples who last a long time...Happens so infrequently in my line of work...

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