Monday, May 05, 2008


What a week or two (or is it three?) it has been...Punctuated with some pretty severe peaks and valleys. It's been a pretty wonderful opportunity for GROWTH on all fronts. The trees outside the window show signs of spring and rebirth that is in sync with my own internal blossoming.

Bob Dylan's been playing in my head:

"I've seen love go by my door - it's never been this close before - never been so easy or so slow."

I have so much to do, see, pack, organise in the coming week or so, but let's just say I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything that I should be concentrating on. I have a real case of senioritis. That's what we used to say in high school when we knew we were graduating and couldn't be bothered to do any more work those final weeks (months?) That's what it's like. Speaking of high school graduation - I can't believe my gorgeous niece Jessie is doing so in a month's time. Seems like only last year she was born. Where, indeed, does the time go?


The other day I conducted an interview via SKYPE with one of my youngest site members. I love how the technology can bring us all together from all four corners of the world - across all barriers - including gender, religion, age, location, orientation...all of it. His words did simply bring home just how universal emotions can be - be they in reference to falling in love or out of love.

The technology is great - but it can't be a real bitch on the flip side...when dumpees (and in fact dumpers) are plagued with curiosity - and so find themselves on the dreaded social networking sites or photography sites seeing things they'd rather not see...Namely their exes moving on and having a great time. Ouch, that can really smart eh?
I reckon it's a whole lot harder to break-up in the Information Age.

So that technology stuff - which can bring us together - can rip us apart - a blessing and a curse!

That's how I view SYBD now - a blessing and a curse. A constant inner civil much so I've been slowly backing away from it...and am currently trying to find a new way forward for both me and it. Time will reveal the right course, of that I have no doubt.


Since I've gotten to this point, I've now appointed some moderators to look after the 'shop'. For months now, I've think I've really started to struggle to 'relate' to my core audience of dumpees.

In many ways I maybe have wanted to STOP relating to them. I am not a dumpee anymore. It's been nine years. I can pass on the baton to someone else now and embark down that new aforementioned path...preferably one concentrating on love and not the lack of love!

We'll see.

But meanwhile I have a film to complete - so I can't ditch the dumped for good just yet.

For days on end I've been spooling through half a dozen interviews in hopes of putting together a trailer of the "Cast - so far"...

At the moment, I am down to the final four interviews and VOILA - done doc!

I've definitely not gone for the quick and easy route - (of course there probably isn't a quick and easy way to make a doc) but it's been a great learning experience. Both about myself, about the human condition and about film making too. In many ways I've always sort of taken the path of most resistance - but at least I am still on the path...Doing what I love (most days) and surrounding myself with an ever-growing group of loving, supportive, and benevolent people.

Despite the challenges that have been on going in my life in 2008 - I am feeling better than ever before. More content. Less offended and hurt by other people. And determined to carve out a new and improved life for that includes LOVE.

So yes,....I am enjoying this new path in the spring time.

Two books that have really been making a difference in my life are - Wayne Dyer's CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE...(which did what it says on the tin) and Eckart Tolley's A NEW EARTH which I am on the final days of reading. I've also been re-visiting Eckhart's THE POWER OF NOW - which has revolutionised the way I think too. I think I've mentioned before it was a former Q96 colleague, Joe Kilday who recommended it, a few years ago, but only now is the book resonating with me (I'd tried countless times over the years to get through it).

When the student is ready, the teacher appears...

Ain't that the truth?


Last night, the boys (G & R) and I went to see IRON MAN which was far better than I'd expected. (Hooray) It was quite fun, mindless ex-scapism, I have to say. Perfect for a Bank Holiday Monday. (The earlier part of the day was spent in the park soaking up the sun)...and this morning it was time for Ashton and Cameron...for this little, cheesy romantic comedy WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS. Yes, it was predictable. Yes it was schmaltzy.

And for those who like RomComs - it was worth a view. (The best part about it has to

Actually come to think of it, inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources. There was a particularly good line in last night's IRON MAN film - directed at Robert Downey Junior - this billionaire, inventor type of guy who lives the bachelor life..."so the man who has everything....has nothing" - or words to that affect. Isn't that true? We can have all the material possessions in the world and without someone to share them with - life can feel empty and rather pointless.

Anyway - I had to cancel on John (my editor) today so I can get more footage together for the trailer - so I'd better get doing that and not sitting in my sauna (I mean my lounge) writing this rambling blog.

Suffice it to say, life is going particularly lovely here at Camp Dumped...there are big changes afoot this year - both in terms of the site and me well and truly "watch this space". Well, if you want to.

Your happy hostess, Miss T xxx

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