Thursday, April 03, 2008



On BEN LEE'S latest record, RIPE, he has a track called "American Television" whch is a the new single in America and it's actually getting some publicity and VH1 airplay.

It's good to see him getting some success! Ben, of course, is HUGE in his homeland of Oz, and has quite a following in the USA, but not so much in the UK....(yet). Maybe one day...

He's a lovely guy and the most spiritual Pop Star that I listen to...(Overtly so anyway - I recommend his blog). I just love that about him - his spirituality...when I interviewed him the first time - it didn't actually go too well in my mind (ego talk) but I do remember him talking about meditation and some of the things he said in that first meeting have stuck with me...SO some real "good" came out of that first, awkward meeting.

He has so many songs about "connecting" make me feel more connected to him and to others. In his song "BEGIN", he sings "I'm walking down Broadway, each footstep is a new love letter, I'm trying to make eye contact, with each and every stranger that I pass, I'm thinking about the city, it's living proof people need to be together. I'm thinking about how I just wanna open up, and give and give and give..." -- which will always remind me of a freezing day (Oct 2006) I was walking around Chicago, in the sleet, and it came on my iPod. Ahh, the milestone theory...I think if it often as I am smiling at people in the street, total strangers to see if they 1) smile back or 2) keep staring at the ground 3) assume I am smiling at someone else 4) stare through me like I am invisible. Try it some time. It's a fun experiment.

I digress...

Anyway his new single is not at all "spiritual" but it sure is funny...particularly if you were around in the 80s/90s to "get" his pop culture references. Watch the video below...Hopefully it will make you smile, like it just did me.

I love geeks. Geeks unite.

And sometimes GEEKS get the girl - in fact Ben Lee used to date Clare Danes and is now engaged to Ione Skye (who is perhaps best known for playing opposite love-of-my-life John Cusack in "Say Anything"). Go Ben. Does my heart good to hear that news. (Well I didn't even know until Ross told me a few nights ago). Where have I been? Ha.

Oh and don't mind me with the blond hair above. It wasn't a good look - I can see that now :) Dark it is!

Love and light. xxx

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