Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Yesterday I saw the film FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. It was the 4th film I'd seen in as many days! (The others have seen IN BRUGES, FLASHBACKS OF A FOOL, and best of all HAPPY GO LUCKY...) I liked F.S.M. though. It was cute, kinda funny in an-almost-cliched sort of way. And I didn't even object (much) to that whats-his-face Brit being in it. In fact I liked the film despite him being in it and found myself laughing at many of his quips (in spite of myself).


Well I am off to New Yawk City soon...I am totally looking forward to spending a bit more time in the Big Apple - in particular Central Park! I think this is my 4th trip there...

From New Yawk, I'll heading up to Connecticut to spend with my high school buddy Yvette (yipppeee), with Matt in Boston, Sharon in Pittsburgh and with a bit of luck Kim in Cleveland before heading home for my dad's birthday and my niece's high school graduation! How cool is that?

So three interviews (at least) on the East Coast and possibly another final one (or two) on the West Coast and then "that's a wrap" kids.

As for the FUNDING of this little journey - all I can say is - "thank God for plastic". Anyone who wants to contribute to the film fund - feel free to contact me to do so :) (No donation too small)...


Well last night I logged off the Internet early (for me anyway) and sat down to watch some of the interviews conducted last week. JJ's interview came out great. Quite pleased because her story is just so compelling...Then I went to put on Karen's and the tape is...um, well to be blunt FUCT.

The last tape I had an issue like this was my 40th birthday party which was a bummer. This is more important than that though....Does anyone know a company that fixes cassette / DV tapes? David fixed my last one and tried to have go to fix this one but it seemed to be beyond his capabilities - sadly. So either the film will have no Karen or I'll find someone who can repair the tape. Damn it.

Helen's interview came out good. It was a brilliant day in Poole.


The other day I had the strangest thing happen (bear with me here)...Several months ago I was walking to the gym and after I crossed over the Clyde, I felt something drop. I looked around at my backpack and the outside pocket had unzipped itself and I had slowly lost my entire contents - along the way.

Due to the fact I had music on, I never heard anything fall out. So I retraced my steps - first making sure I had the most important contents (the membership card, lock which were thankfully placed in a different pocket)...

At the time, I'd been reading Wayne Dyer's adaptation of the Tao Te Ching and learning to "detach" from things (outcomes and people too). So I reminded myself of this as I was re-tracing my steps.

"Nothing that was in that bag is irreplaceable" etc....

Anyway, sorry, this story is going on much too long...

I didn't find anything I'd lost (but that said I couldn't remember what was actually in the pouch - apart from my special comb).

Fast forward many weeks, and I was walking to the gym again (just a few days ago) - it was early (so no cars were around) and there in the street was my comb. It's a distinctive comb you see - which was battered beyond use (no doubt being driven over numerous times) but as it was my comb, I had to take it with me. I wasn't really sure why, but it was somehow symbolic and it actually got me thinking about people in my life. I recall thinking to myself, something along the lines of "see it's not just people that come (and go) from my life...objects do too!"
Sometimes it's just funny how the universe teaches us things. Not entirely sure what the comb message is - but I did find it a little peculiar that I've traversed that route dozens of times and never before was that comb right there in plain view - it felt almost destined.

OK, I am not entirely sure I have a point to this rather silly story, but I did find it a tad unusual...


Well I need to get back to watching my little Disney film (which is o-so-funny), so I can then have my bath and get to sleep. I've an early business meeting up in Fife so off I go...

Hope you're well wherever you are - whoever you are. And if you're like my comb - who'd left my life, come back - please, I've missed you.

Love and light, Miss Tx

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