Friday, March 07, 2008



Well my friends today is the day that Teddy and Paul's wonderful WE ARE TOGETHER film sees its theatrical the UK.

I attended a talk with Mike Figgis and the boys at the Apple store on Wednesday and I find their personal journey making the film as inspiring as I find the film itself.

I hope those who are able to see the film at the cinema will choose to do so. I've seen it two times already and I am planning on seeing it again in Glasgow at the GFT. Where it will be on Mar 15-17. All proceeds of the film and its soundtrack will be going to charity so please everyone go see the film and drag as many people as you can to see it too. Your father, your mother, your sister, your brother, your kids, your neighbours...everyone! :)


Well, I believe my first radio show went out at 6am GMT but I was sound asleep as I am sure most of my UK friends I have tried to find the "replay" of the site and I can't work out how to hear it. When I figure it out, I shall tell you.

Will blog more tomorrow...much to pack and it ain't gonna fit.

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