Friday, March 28, 2008


Can you believe the month is nearly over? Where the hell did it go? One moment it's New Year's Day and we’re reeling in a New Year, and the next it's April Fool's Day. Well almost.

It's been an interesting month to be sure...

Take today for instance. My morning was spent on the phone with T-MOBILE trying to sort out various things to do with my lovely, new "crackberry" (aka “blueberry”). It's an addictive little machine, to be sure. It comes with a year's SAT-NAV, so as I am soon heading out driving around the UK - I rather think that'd be a handy, wee feature on my phone...I try to connect in the flat here and of course the signal is "too weak". But at least I was able to get on it. Progress!

I've spent time chatting to Lesley (cut off) then to Robin in Customer Service, to Rob in Technical, to some guy in Greenock (whose name I forget) and I finally got cut off again when waiting to speak to someone in Upgrades. So I gave up and have tried to email them about my query. I certainly prefer email anyway...Besides T-MOBILE only has three songs on HOLD "rotation" which is a pain (even if one of them is a cover of one of my TOP FIVE all time fave songs, "I Melt With You")


So yeah I gave up. While on hold - a private message came in from Komadori, (in Texas, I think) for me with this picture:

...And it was just how I felt. :)

Isn't that hee-larious?


Well it's Friday. A rainy Friday at that. I'm trying to get motivated to go for a nice, long swim at the gym. Sadly, I have to cancel my membership there...for a multitude of reasons but most of all because I am in/out of the country for the next few months, so it's a rather pointless expenditure. Besides, I have two decent "Pay As You Go" gyms which simply make more sense to me right now.


My last radio show for RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL went out at 6am this morning. What? You missed it? So did I. I was sound asleep...'Will catch on SKY (0195) Sunday morning. Of course my show is on at 1am - and that's when the damn clocks change - so what are the odds? Guess I'll have to find out when it is actually airing...I am sad to have to stop it - but we're already planning for my July return - so not to worry. Radio girl will return. It felt great to be doing radio again...Truly it is my passion. My bliss.

Speaking of bliss, I was on BBC RADIO SCOTLAND yesterday morning - MAC & CO (as usual). Been a while since they had me in. I thought I really "blew it" the last time when they hadn't asked me back - LOL - but alas “it's all good”. I had fun doing the show yesterday, but of course thought of about five clever things to say after I left the studio. Oh well - always the way eh?


...The topic was an interesting one - namely "Beauty + Beast = Happy Marriage".

So that's where I kept going wrong. I've been dating (or in relationships with) guys that are generally either better looking or possibly about the same as me. What I need to do is find me a "minger" (as they say in Scotland) then, I will be happy. Got it.

AS IF. Give me a break. You see this came from a survey of like 82 newlywed couples (married less than 6 months). Is that what constitutes a happy and successful marriage these days? Making it to SIX months?

It just goes to show you can prove anything or disprove anything if you want to. If you really want to make your theory stick, for me, interview 82 couples who've been married thirty years or more. Then, maybe, just maybe I'll believe your hypothesis.

My view is people should date - roughly the same attractiveness level (of course how do you judge that?) because if you date someone "too good looking" you're left feeling insecure.

I guess the theory in that study was - if a guy has a hot wife - he's less likely to cheat (aye right). Besides, who goes around thinking "I'm more attractive than my partner"? Honestly, I don't think I've ever really thought that. Not within five minutes of getting to know the guy at any rate.

I had one, long-term relationship with someone who would probably be considered "more attractive" than me, but who frankly had some rather UGLY moments on the inside - which made him “unattractive” to me...

I've also been with guys, who may appear less attractive (to some) on the outside, but who I found to be down-right gorgeous. It goes both ways.

Looks only go so far, don't they? I will admit to having one moment on a first date where I was almost "taken aback" by a guy's looks...and by the end of the night - that whole perception had changed. The guy was lovely, funny, articulate, intelligent, etc...and he actually became CUTE to me.

At the end of the day PERCEPTION IS A MIRROR NOT A FACT. I like guys with hair (on their heads – not on their backs – call me shallow if you want….) other women prefer bald. Seems to me there used to be some theories that bald guys made the best lovers.

Again, you can pretty much come up with any hypothesis that comes to relationships and find some way of supporting it.

But we're all so unique. And yet so similar too. Deep down - the vast majority want to "connect" to someone else. What may start out as surface attraction (or not) can undergo a dramatic change – either way.

If you find someone who 'gets you', makes you laugh, treats you good, respects you, cares about you, stimulates you (both mentally and physically) the chances are - you'll find them attractive.

You might dump someone who you deem "less attractive" for someone who's a "hottie" and find that beyond those hot looks (and your ego boost), it wasn't really worth it and that grass was not “greener!”

Unless of course you're incredibly shallow and totally ego-based, then you'll stick with the looker to make you feel good about yourself.

I, myself, have a penchant for tall, skinny, geeks. Not that I've dated many (if any) - but I am that way inclined. “Obviously attractive” men do little for me - which may very well be a self-esteem thing on my part, admittedly.

What I find attractive - others may find not so. And vice versa.

These days I find most people attractive one way or another.

As my mother’s bumper sticker used to say “Look for the good and praise it”.

That’s my mantra in life.

Now I am off to find the good in my fridge because my tummy is howling.

Have a beautiful day, whoever and wherever you are. Thanks for stopping by.

By the way, I think you're beautiful! xxx

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