Wednesday, March 19, 2008



FILMING COMES TO A HALT - on the SYBD film - due to my star (who was due to be interviewed today) being struck down by what we can only think is CHICKEN POX. Star is now resting on my sofa. Some people will do just about anything to get out of being in my film, I swear. Ha ha.

Now, I am hoping that I've had them. My mother has long since left the earth and I am not sure if my dad would recall such a thing. I'll ask him in a few hours when he wakes up...

Other than that - it's been full-steam-ahead. Plans are afoot for the UK ROAD TRIP due to commence shortly (in a few weeks) and which sees me calling on site members in Manchester, Bristol, Exeter, Havant, and Suffolk (or is it Norfolk, I can't remember). And I suppose now maybe a stop in the Midlands to re-shoot "Mml. Chicken Pox" who, for some strange reason, wasn't wanting to be filmed with red blisters across the body and face! I thought it would be quite the interesting angle to the film, but then thought better of suggesting it :)

There were a handful of us out last night in the MERCHANT CITY. We had a great Mexican meal on Bell Street - before heading into the MERCHANT SQUARE for some drinks. Once we got tired there, we moved on to the Corinthian which was even more dead than the Square. Oh well, it was a Tuesday night after all. :)


The highlight of my week was upgrading my phone to a "crackberry" as my best (Guy Pal) Bri calls them. I wish he was here now because I am severely struggling at coming to grips with it. Where is a techie when I need one? I thought I set it up to sync all my "contacts" (more than 100) in Outlook, but alas - they don't seem to be going to the phone.

I've lost all my numbers and all my text messages which is both a pain and the universe's way of clearing 'deadwood' from my life, I guess. Perhaps it was merely time to "let go" of certain people in the end, I don't know. I've asked a dozen or so people to send me texts so I can just add them to my phone - and many of my FACEBOOK friends have been responding to my plea to do so. So it'll soon be propogated again!


Well I've already done two whole shows for RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL and am having an absolute ball. It's a real labor of love and feel exciting to be doing "live" radio once again...(e.g. not voice tracked). The shows seems to be attracting a few listeners and some fairly positive feedback so I am enjoying it. Who knows, maybe I'll even extend it beyond March 28...for a few more weeks! It's been totally taking ages to get the bands/artists to send in new CDs though. They're coming in at a trickle...but slowly slowly they are coming in and I am 'discovering' some wonderful new bands/artists...a few of whom may end up in the documentary film and on its soundtrack.

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