Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well I am slowly getting the hang of the wee Blackberry. It's taken several days, but I finally worked out how to sync the 'contacts' from Outlook to my new phone. Now it's gonna take me the rest of the weekend to delete all those people in there that are 'deadwood' (people I never speak to nor am I likely to speak to)...Don't we all have a lot of those people? Or is it just me?


It was a rather good GOOD FRIDAY. I didn't do much. I've been hunting out clips to put into a new movie trailer - sort of a "meet the stars so far" type thing...but it's been a slow arduous task.

John and I are going to go for a walk in the park today - so no doubt I can bounce some ideas of his wonderfully-creative brain! Hopefully it won't be long before the new teaser is ready to reveal to the world.


(Ahhh, dontchajustlove the Wonderstuff?) Well Thursday was a rather hefty day in terms of donations. The biggest donation to date came from Nicola. I nearly burst into tears when I opened the card (and saw the cheque!!) Later that day - another donation arrived from SYBD's biggest benefactor...(and I did cry that time). And a third person donated to the site as well! Comes in threes...

As for the tears, I guess I was just having a fragile day....Turns out, it was a Full Moon - so couple that with some hormones - and it explains my hypersensitivity. :)


Well given the latest exposure to the Chicken Pox and my lack of medical history - I've opted to push the UK ROAD TRIP off a week - just in case. Don't want to go spreading the cooties to other site members as I don't reckon they'd thank me for it! Bless Kati's cotton socks. It sucks to be sick...


Well from Cooties to Clooney...Ross and I watched MICHAEL CLAYTON tonight - I have to say it was nothing like I thought it was going to be but it was enjoyable none the less. I am not a woman who swoons over the guy...He's cute but not my type. I'd rather have ALEX O'LOUGHLIN ...(even though his MySpace has that "doesn't accept bands" and my stupid profile is a band one so we can't be friends. Och well, won't hold that against him. He's a hottie).

Anyyyyyway, I digress. We enjoyed the film tonight. I am loving LOVEFILM. I either rent French films or classics and every now and again, like tonight, I catch up on a movie I meant to see, but missed.

Well it's now past my bedtime. Hoping to get to the gym before meeting John...but I suspect I wont quite manage that - after all, I slept until half-passed-ten (which is actually unlike me!), so I have a sneaking suspicion I'll do the same again...Yawn.

Be safe. Be well. Hooray for me for sorting the Blackberry!

Say it with me - "GO THEA, GO THEA, GO THEA!" :)

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