Friday, March 28, 2008


Can you believe the month is nearly over? Where the hell did it go? One moment it's New Year's Day and we’re reeling in a New Year, and the next it's April Fool's Day. Well almost.

It's been an interesting month to be sure...

Take today for instance. My morning was spent on the phone with T-MOBILE trying to sort out various things to do with my lovely, new "crackberry" (aka “blueberry”). It's an addictive little machine, to be sure. It comes with a year's SAT-NAV, so as I am soon heading out driving around the UK - I rather think that'd be a handy, wee feature on my phone...I try to connect in the flat here and of course the signal is "too weak". But at least I was able to get on it. Progress!

I've spent time chatting to Lesley (cut off) then to Robin in Customer Service, to Rob in Technical, to some guy in Greenock (whose name I forget) and I finally got cut off again when waiting to speak to someone in Upgrades. So I gave up and have tried to email them about my query. I certainly prefer email anyway...Besides T-MOBILE only has three songs on HOLD "rotation" which is a pain (even if one of them is a cover of one of my TOP FIVE all time fave songs, "I Melt With You")


So yeah I gave up. While on hold - a private message came in from Komadori, (in Texas, I think) for me with this picture:

...And it was just how I felt. :)

Isn't that hee-larious?


Well it's Friday. A rainy Friday at that. I'm trying to get motivated to go for a nice, long swim at the gym. Sadly, I have to cancel my membership there...for a multitude of reasons but most of all because I am in/out of the country for the next few months, so it's a rather pointless expenditure. Besides, I have two decent "Pay As You Go" gyms which simply make more sense to me right now.


My last radio show for RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL went out at 6am this morning. What? You missed it? So did I. I was sound asleep...'Will catch on SKY (0195) Sunday morning. Of course my show is on at 1am - and that's when the damn clocks change - so what are the odds? Guess I'll have to find out when it is actually airing...I am sad to have to stop it - but we're already planning for my July return - so not to worry. Radio girl will return. It felt great to be doing radio again...Truly it is my passion. My bliss.

Speaking of bliss, I was on BBC RADIO SCOTLAND yesterday morning - MAC & CO (as usual). Been a while since they had me in. I thought I really "blew it" the last time when they hadn't asked me back - LOL - but alas “it's all good”. I had fun doing the show yesterday, but of course thought of about five clever things to say after I left the studio. Oh well - always the way eh?


...The topic was an interesting one - namely "Beauty + Beast = Happy Marriage".

So that's where I kept going wrong. I've been dating (or in relationships with) guys that are generally either better looking or possibly about the same as me. What I need to do is find me a "minger" (as they say in Scotland) then, I will be happy. Got it.

AS IF. Give me a break. You see this came from a survey of like 82 newlywed couples (married less than 6 months). Is that what constitutes a happy and successful marriage these days? Making it to SIX months?

It just goes to show you can prove anything or disprove anything if you want to. If you really want to make your theory stick, for me, interview 82 couples who've been married thirty years or more. Then, maybe, just maybe I'll believe your hypothesis.

My view is people should date - roughly the same attractiveness level (of course how do you judge that?) because if you date someone "too good looking" you're left feeling insecure.

I guess the theory in that study was - if a guy has a hot wife - he's less likely to cheat (aye right). Besides, who goes around thinking "I'm more attractive than my partner"? Honestly, I don't think I've ever really thought that. Not within five minutes of getting to know the guy at any rate.

I had one, long-term relationship with someone who would probably be considered "more attractive" than me, but who frankly had some rather UGLY moments on the inside - which made him “unattractive” to me...

I've also been with guys, who may appear less attractive (to some) on the outside, but who I found to be down-right gorgeous. It goes both ways.

Looks only go so far, don't they? I will admit to having one moment on a first date where I was almost "taken aback" by a guy's looks...and by the end of the night - that whole perception had changed. The guy was lovely, funny, articulate, intelligent, etc...and he actually became CUTE to me.

At the end of the day PERCEPTION IS A MIRROR NOT A FACT. I like guys with hair (on their heads – not on their backs – call me shallow if you want….) other women prefer bald. Seems to me there used to be some theories that bald guys made the best lovers.

Again, you can pretty much come up with any hypothesis that comes to relationships and find some way of supporting it.

But we're all so unique. And yet so similar too. Deep down - the vast majority want to "connect" to someone else. What may start out as surface attraction (or not) can undergo a dramatic change – either way.

If you find someone who 'gets you', makes you laugh, treats you good, respects you, cares about you, stimulates you (both mentally and physically) the chances are - you'll find them attractive.

You might dump someone who you deem "less attractive" for someone who's a "hottie" and find that beyond those hot looks (and your ego boost), it wasn't really worth it and that grass was not “greener!”

Unless of course you're incredibly shallow and totally ego-based, then you'll stick with the looker to make you feel good about yourself.

I, myself, have a penchant for tall, skinny, geeks. Not that I've dated many (if any) - but I am that way inclined. “Obviously attractive” men do little for me - which may very well be a self-esteem thing on my part, admittedly.

What I find attractive - others may find not so. And vice versa.

These days I find most people attractive one way or another.

As my mother’s bumper sticker used to say “Look for the good and praise it”.

That’s my mantra in life.

Now I am off to find the good in my fridge because my tummy is howling.

Have a beautiful day, whoever and wherever you are. Thanks for stopping by.

By the way, I think you're beautiful! xxx

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Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is one of my fave tracks over the past year,...just came across the video for the first time...Matt's an SF-based singer songwriter. This is a horny little number I've mentioned before on this blog - "Come On Get Higher". Can't help but love the lyrics - "So come on, get higher, loosen my lips, faith and desire and the swing of your hips, just pull me down hard and drown me in love..."! Saucy!

My radio show airs on at 1:00GMT (6PM PST) - and across the SKY network on 0195. I am tempted to listen to the show (not played it this week) on SKY to hear how it sounds. If I can stay awake!

Happy Easter - for those of you who celebrate it.

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Well I am slowly getting the hang of the wee Blackberry. It's taken several days, but I finally worked out how to sync the 'contacts' from Outlook to my new phone. Now it's gonna take me the rest of the weekend to delete all those people in there that are 'deadwood' (people I never speak to nor am I likely to speak to)...Don't we all have a lot of those people? Or is it just me?


It was a rather good GOOD FRIDAY. I didn't do much. I've been hunting out clips to put into a new movie trailer - sort of a "meet the stars so far" type thing...but it's been a slow arduous task.

John and I are going to go for a walk in the park today - so no doubt I can bounce some ideas of his wonderfully-creative brain! Hopefully it won't be long before the new teaser is ready to reveal to the world.


(Ahhh, dontchajustlove the Wonderstuff?) Well Thursday was a rather hefty day in terms of donations. The biggest donation to date came from Nicola. I nearly burst into tears when I opened the card (and saw the cheque!!) Later that day - another donation arrived from SYBD's biggest benefactor...(and I did cry that time). And a third person donated to the site as well! Comes in threes...

As for the tears, I guess I was just having a fragile day....Turns out, it was a Full Moon - so couple that with some hormones - and it explains my hypersensitivity. :)


Well given the latest exposure to the Chicken Pox and my lack of medical history - I've opted to push the UK ROAD TRIP off a week - just in case. Don't want to go spreading the cooties to other site members as I don't reckon they'd thank me for it! Bless Kati's cotton socks. It sucks to be sick...


Well from Cooties to Clooney...Ross and I watched MICHAEL CLAYTON tonight - I have to say it was nothing like I thought it was going to be but it was enjoyable none the less. I am not a woman who swoons over the guy...He's cute but not my type. I'd rather have ALEX O'LOUGHLIN ...(even though his MySpace has that "doesn't accept bands" and my stupid profile is a band one so we can't be friends. Och well, won't hold that against him. He's a hottie).

Anyyyyyway, I digress. We enjoyed the film tonight. I am loving LOVEFILM. I either rent French films or classics and every now and again, like tonight, I catch up on a movie I meant to see, but missed.

Well it's now past my bedtime. Hoping to get to the gym before meeting John...but I suspect I wont quite manage that - after all, I slept until half-passed-ten (which is actually unlike me!), so I have a sneaking suspicion I'll do the same again...Yawn.

Be safe. Be well. Hooray for me for sorting the Blackberry!

Say it with me - "GO THEA, GO THEA, GO THEA!" :)

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008



FILMING COMES TO A HALT - on the SYBD film - due to my star (who was due to be interviewed today) being struck down by what we can only think is CHICKEN POX. Star is now resting on my sofa. Some people will do just about anything to get out of being in my film, I swear. Ha ha.

Now, I am hoping that I've had them. My mother has long since left the earth and I am not sure if my dad would recall such a thing. I'll ask him in a few hours when he wakes up...

Other than that - it's been full-steam-ahead. Plans are afoot for the UK ROAD TRIP due to commence shortly (in a few weeks) and which sees me calling on site members in Manchester, Bristol, Exeter, Havant, and Suffolk (or is it Norfolk, I can't remember). And I suppose now maybe a stop in the Midlands to re-shoot "Mml. Chicken Pox" who, for some strange reason, wasn't wanting to be filmed with red blisters across the body and face! I thought it would be quite the interesting angle to the film, but then thought better of suggesting it :)

There were a handful of us out last night in the MERCHANT CITY. We had a great Mexican meal on Bell Street - before heading into the MERCHANT SQUARE for some drinks. Once we got tired there, we moved on to the Corinthian which was even more dead than the Square. Oh well, it was a Tuesday night after all. :)


The highlight of my week was upgrading my phone to a "crackberry" as my best (Guy Pal) Bri calls them. I wish he was here now because I am severely struggling at coming to grips with it. Where is a techie when I need one? I thought I set it up to sync all my "contacts" (more than 100) in Outlook, but alas - they don't seem to be going to the phone.

I've lost all my numbers and all my text messages which is both a pain and the universe's way of clearing 'deadwood' from my life, I guess. Perhaps it was merely time to "let go" of certain people in the end, I don't know. I've asked a dozen or so people to send me texts so I can just add them to my phone - and many of my FACEBOOK friends have been responding to my plea to do so. So it'll soon be propogated again!


Well I've already done two whole shows for RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL and am having an absolute ball. It's a real labor of love and feel exciting to be doing "live" radio once again...(e.g. not voice tracked). The shows seems to be attracting a few listeners and some fairly positive feedback so I am enjoying it. Who knows, maybe I'll even extend it beyond March 28...for a few more weeks! It's been totally taking ages to get the bands/artists to send in new CDs though. They're coming in at a trickle...but slowly slowly they are coming in and I am 'discovering' some wonderful new bands/artists...a few of whom may end up in the documentary film and on its soundtrack.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Well I am back from London and thought I'd give a little re-cap on some of the high / lows of London town...


Early morning departure to get the train to London via Edinburgh. Took an even earlier train to allow ample time for changing trains. Girl on train is spitting image of Dakota Fanning and I find myself staring at her.

Train's rather delayed - so opt to depart at Stevenage to hop another train to my destination near Potter's Bar. Sit on cold platform for 40 minutes until train finally arrives.

Saturday night - dinner was scheduled at a Mexican restaurant, WAHACA in Convent Garden. The six of us had many laughs and some tasty food too. Due to delays - I was the last to arrive to meet up with the group. Thankfully I'd met all but one of them before....all but Roger.

Return "home" (my London home) and have the million dollar pad to myself while Han gears up for the Paris half-marathon in the morning!

The silence is serene but deafening. Only the pussy, Aerial, to keep me company.

Collapse into golden slumbers,....the peace is truly welcomed.


Slept nearly ten hours. Utterly exhausted. Tell myself I should go do some interviews, but end up feeling too shattered, so opt to lounge around in the luxurious surroundings instead. By lunchtime, Han had text to say she did the Paris marathon in under two hours - before I had even get out of bed.

Look at the pictures from the party - and note that clearly a good time was had by all.

Walk to the village to a mini-Tesco and buy some food. Hike back up the hill with grocery bags stuffed to the seams with yummy food.

Spend the afternoon writing a former site member in Botswana and watch silly fluff on the TV.

Eventually Luke arrives back shortly followed by the rest of the clan and the silence gives way to a house brimming with people. We settle down for Chinese food and a catch up.

All exhausted after weekend festivities - retire to our many rooms.


20390 steps
9.654 miles
541.6 cals

Up early to take the train to the city to meet Neil. Met him at Cafe Nero just off Oxford Circus. After a drink and a catch up we wandered along Oxford Street to Marble Arch. As I was a bit cold (and jacket-less) we popped into a shop so I could purchase one. I picked up a mock-leather biker jacket for a real steal. We take the train to Canary Wharf and eat at Chili's. I am beyond freaked out that the Chicken Crispers I order which cost about four-pound-fifty in Cupertino cost closer to twelve pounds in the UK. Something is truly not right about that and I vow to never go to a UK Chili's again. (

Neil has to leave but I remain at Chili's for another half hour or so before mustering the energy to walk from Canary Wharf to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Take random photos along the way and even get accosted by a shop owner for photographing his 7-eleven rip off storefront. (I had actually thought it was a 7-eleven but turns out, on closer inspection, t they'd just "borrowed" the logo). Cheeky swines. Do have half a mind to report them...but would that be bad karma?

By five, have hopped the train from Tower Hill to Mornington Crescent to meet my lovely agent James. Two hours are spent talking about books, break-ups, life, relationships and the way forward for us. He hands me a steamy novel by Suzanne Portnoy - another American author he looks after. It's called THE NOT SO INVISIBLE WOMAN. A slightly better title than the last one - THE BUTCHER, THE BAKER THE CANDLESTICK MAKER: AN EROTIC MEMOIR (which just confuses me when I try to tell people what it's called). Don't get me wrong I like the "Candlestick" book and I admire her saucy moxie. Eventually both grew rather hungry and went our separate ways.

I head to Finsbury Park to catch a train and take some rather neat photos of passing trains (if I do say so myself). Han even reckons I ought to enter this one into a photo competition...These days I can't seem to stop taking motion type pictures - cars, trains, buses, whatever. So London was the perfect place to play about with newest digital camera!


Tuesday was a day for pampering - haircut, manicure, eyebrows preparation to filming on Thurs...

It felt great and the nails are done in a "French Manicure" which I have never had done before and they do look rather awesome...(ahh the simple pleasures in life).

The evening is spent with a precocious, talented, intelligent, twelve-year old girl (who is going on 30) who possesses a photographic memory. Have convinced her she has talent to be best-selling author and hope she has the courage to write what she knows.


19749 steps
9.350 miles
524.5 cals

Film Roger at Clapham Common this morning. It was a lovely day for a chat in a park. I hope the sound is ok....From there it's a mad dash to meet Carole for a chat and a coffee at Victoria. She has to go to back to work.

I end up walking past Buckingham Palace. I've never really been around there before and keep walking all the way up through Piccadilly, Mayfair, Berkeley Square all the way to Carnaby Street. I meet Jacqui for tea at Liberty. It was astounding. A warm, wonderful plain scone and clotted creme. Bliss. We head over to the Apple Store to hear my young buddies - Teddy and Paul - talk about the film. I've now heard the spiel three or four times and each time I get something else out of it. Truly inspiring - both their film and their story of how they made it over the course of about three years. I feel quite certain it will get an Oscar nod.

After the talk Jacqui and I continue walking and talking all the way to Russell Square - where I went to university for a semester back in 1987. I half-wonder if that was the last time I'd been there. hard to believe two decades had past. On the train - I get a random email from my friend Jenn who was my room mate in 1987 and I am blown away by the synchronisity of it all. We don't speak that often.


8907 steps
4.217 miles
236.5 cals

Woke up too early, could have used some more sleep but it was my "big day"....It was my turn to have the camera turned on me to hear "my story" as it were.

Booked the lovely Vikki to come and do my hair and make up which she did....and hey, she did a pretty good job with the palette she had to work with :)

Neil is on hand to take photographs and I am sat on a sofa with a camera pointed on me for what felt like hours. I am not sure if the footage will end up in the final cut of the film but it was a valuable exercise none the less. At the very least we can use the audio. Actually, if I am being honest (and to be fair I've yet to see the footage), I feel like not actually being in the film - even though it's technically 'my story'....So we'll see how it works out in the edit...

After the interview was a rather heated meeting....the future for the film remains decidedly in the balance but I am proceeding forward as if its fate is sealed (and financed). I know that all things work out in the end one way or another. I can't believe all that I've been putting in thus far will be in vain. Nope, I feel quite certain it will work out in one way or another.

Filming and meeting aside, it was time to make our way to Victoria where Neil was off to get a bus and I to make my way back toward Finsbury Park. As we sat their discussing the way forward, I see my friend Jon walk by. How weird it is to be miles from your home and see people you know (and it's not the first time I bumped into someone I knew, randomly, in London. One time 20 years ago, I bumped into a friend from California at the Russell Square tube. How freakin' weird was that?) So anyhow Jon popped in and had a chat and a latte with Neil and I before heading off to get his haircut.

Small world.

It was an exhausting day and I must admit I was rather downtrodden after it all. Perhaps it was simply an anti-climax or merely fatigue, but in any event, I was a bit burnt-out as I made my way back to Han's house.

After a spot of food, Han, Alice and I went to see JUNO - which I'd seen before and loved. We all laughed and we all cried and generally just had a nice girl's night out...


I gave myself the day off to do absolutely nothing, again. It was great to just slug about. Friday night we went to some neighbors for a chat about the local schools. So basically it is me, two couples and five kids. The nightmare situation for any singleton...(particularly for child-free ones)....but in actuality - I had a real laugh.

The hosts - Karen and Paul were very humorous. Though I did think of simply going back to Han's, to have the house to myself for a while, I stuck it out and had a good time. Sometimes nights can surprise you - and this was one such night.


Slept mediocre. I basically got to the point I was just ready to be back in my own pad. My own food. My own bed. My own TV. My own bath tub....I may be a freak, but I love living alone, (always have) and I don't see that changing any time in the next year or two...

Lucas took me to the train station for the 10:20 to Kings Cross where I dump my bags at platform 8 "Left Luggage" and meet Jon to interview him.

We first went to a grotty, noisy, smelly cafe for some tea. Jon has a theory the uglier the woman behind the counter the better the tea is. Unfortunately for him, our waitress is a cutie so therefor the tea wasn't great. Actually, he consented, it wasn't bad so that pretty much blew his theory...

We decided to go to San Pancras to check out the "Meeting Place" statue by Paul Day. I'd done a piece for BBC Radio Scotland about romance in Scottish travel - so I was very curious to see the statue. It was there we did Jon's interview for the film.

Still single, I reckon this film will get him a few interests from woman wanting to date him...Thats if he's not found his true love before then. He's a generally sociable chap that doesn't seem to find it hard meeting women. And he's chivalrous, girls....helped me load my bags on to the train and it was a hug and a kiss "goodbye" and off I headed up the east coast via Leeds, York, Newcastle, Berwick and Edinburgh to name just a few of the many stops.

Trains have finally become a truly modern way to travel. Wi/Fi and power sockets enable constant, free, communication. It gave me a chance to blog, upload pics, catch up on posts and instant message people around the world.

Of course it takes a fair bit of time to get between London and Glasgow - but not a huge amount of difference by the time you add up - check in at the airport (early), flight time, getting luggage, and a train bus or whatever into town...Plus for me it saves me 12 quid in taxi fairs both ways....

Over all it was a productive and wonderful trip to London. A really even spread between business and pleasure. Saw old friends and met new ones. Got to interview two men for the film - both incredibly handsome and wonderful lads which made my job fun!

I am pleased to get some men to speak up - because Lord knows, that men tend to be less inclined to sit and talk about their feelings - particularly with a camera pointing in their face. It's one thing to do so with the anonymity of Internet and a forum whereby they can be anyone, but quite another for them to be standing there with a camera and mic in their face.

So yeah - I am quite pleased with both gentlemen - and suspect there will be women out there who will take quite a shine to them....

My fear, if I have to admit to one, is mostly revolving around the sound. My mic. It's really not the greatest. Just hope the footage is usable.


Long lie in today and then I watched a wonderful classic which I'd rented off LOVEFILM...called WOMAN OF THE YEAR with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. I laughed hard and often during this wonderful 1942 classic. The afternoon and evening was spent looking at Roger's interview. The mic did in fact let me down just a little but hopefully some of the interview will be salvageable.

Well it's Sunday night now and I watched LOST and then on to one of my other favorite shows - SECRET MILLIONAIRE (I aspire to be on it one day) ;)

On that now I have to close. I'll be updating the kinekter blog soon...too.

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Friday, March 07, 2008



Well my friends today is the day that Teddy and Paul's wonderful WE ARE TOGETHER film sees its theatrical the UK.

I attended a talk with Mike Figgis and the boys at the Apple store on Wednesday and I find their personal journey making the film as inspiring as I find the film itself.

I hope those who are able to see the film at the cinema will choose to do so. I've seen it two times already and I am planning on seeing it again in Glasgow at the GFT. Where it will be on Mar 15-17. All proceeds of the film and its soundtrack will be going to charity so please everyone go see the film and drag as many people as you can to see it too. Your father, your mother, your sister, your brother, your kids, your neighbours...everyone! :)


Well, I believe my first radio show went out at 6am GMT but I was sound asleep as I am sure most of my UK friends I have tried to find the "replay" of the site and I can't work out how to hear it. When I figure it out, I shall tell you.

Will blog more tomorrow...much to pack and it ain't gonna fit.

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We're just hours away from my radio return...6AM GMT (10pm Thurs PST).

Don't worry if you missed it - just log onto the Radio Six International site and catch it on the replay...Next week's show will be tighter, (I hope)...

The ole gal's a tad rusty!

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