Monday, February 04, 2008



Just in from seeing ALISON MOYET. Though she looked like she came on in her PJs and a bathrobe - she sounded almost as good as she used to - back in the day. Back in the days I used to play the vinyl of "ALF" over and over again. It really did bring back some terrific memories. I've noticed the older I get the more hazy my memory is becoming. That's not a good sign but I guess somewhat inevitable...I do think the last time I saw ole Alf was a good two decades ago...I have the vaguest of recollections that it was in Oakland at the Paramount Theatre. Thanks to Google, I've just confirmed it was 21 years ago (with Bourgeois Tagg). Can't seem to find the date though...Oh well - near enough.

Anyway I wasn't sure what to expect of ole ALF...but her performance was stellar. She did some of her biggest hits, really only omitting "Invisible".

"All Cried Out" went down a storm, as did "Love Resurrection" (where she completely dropped the word resurrection from the lyrics), "Wishing You Were Here" (another fave of mine) and she even threw in a few YAZOO tunes - much to my (and the crowd's) delight ("Only You" and "Don't Go"). All that and a few covers too - like the Beatles' "Come Together", "Love Letters" and of course "That Ole Devil Called Love". Heck, even her new songs were well received. :)

To be honest, it was actually much better than I thought it might be. Always a bonus - Go Alf! :)


Well, I count myself fairly lucky as I only have ONE, TRUE REGRET in my life. Do you want to know what it is? Not keeping a note of every concert I ever saw (gig, support, date, venue) because by my calculations, I think I've seen about two thousand gigs in my life. Seriously. I wish I could remember them all...Though I guess to be fair, some were in fact utterly forgettable.


Always good to see the C-man on TV. Be it JERRY MAGUIRE, ALMOST FAMOUS, or the like. Now that I am reading Paula Deen's " It Aint All About the Cookin'" - I've got a hankering to watch what is arguably my fave Crowe film - ELIZABETHTOWN...(Paula plays Bloom's Aunt Dora). So great a film, I made sure I stopped for a night at the town to see some of it's sights which were used in the film (there were only two). But glad I stopped there anyway.

I am tired. I shall close.

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