Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My gorgeous and talented friend EOGHAN COLGAN (pronounced "Owen") has just officially released his single "That First Time", yesterday.

It is a special song for me. I think I was the first to ever spin it on the radio when I played it on my Q96 show in demo form (a totally different version!) It's a wondeful, little track and I encourage you all to go and check it out, please, and download it. Support the independents, my friends. It's actually on MEDICAL RECORDS which makes me laugh - as Eoghan is a doctor-come-rock-star. How clever is that? Ha!

If you tune into my radio show on RADIO SIX next month, you'll no doubt hear Eoghan and if you see the SO YOU'VE BEEN DUMPED documentary - you will there too. Look out for "I Can't Reach You Any More" on the soundtrack.

Speaking of the radio show - I am off to meet new boss man, Radio Sixes' TONY CURRIE at the BBC for lunch to discuss the new show. The show is just a series for the month of March...which is fine because as March kicks in - I am truly very busy. But regardless, I'm so excited.

More later.

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