Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Well as many know I am gearing up for a month of radio shows on RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL - so I spend my days (and nights) multi-tasking! While trying to work on a book, I am also surfing MySpace looking for bands to play on my show...

Bear with me here...this is a bit rambly....

So I was going through CD collection earlier today looking for tracks not yet added to ITUNES (of which there are thousands)...and I came across the LOST SOUL BAND....

Former Q96 listeners (to my early shows back in the early nineties) may recall that I use to play them fanatically. Have fond memories of sessions/interviews with them - in particular GORDON GRAHAME.

I am getting there, hold on....

So tonight, when playing the wonderful "Looking Through the Butcher's Window" - I thought - "I wonder what happened to Gordon G?" and so I looked him up on MySpace and found a link to LUCKY JIM.

Man, that name sure sounded familiar, but I didn't think too much of it...so I fired off a "hello, remember me?" message to Gordon (thankfully he did!), and then went to play his tracks...and, of course, the moment I heard the track "You're Lovely to Me"...It clicked!

Those of you who live in the UK will probably know it too. You see, it's from a Kingsmill Bread ad (of all things).

It was such a great song that I'd actually searched for it last year when I was hearing that ad! That's why the name "Lucky Jim" was familiar. I just never put two-and-two together. Sometimes life is a trip, 15 years later and we've come full circle!!


Incidentally, the last time I saw G was in 2000 when I did "GO FM". Gordon's now living in London with wife Sophie (who sings some backing vocals etc) and has a new record called TRUE NORTH. Am thoroughly enjoying the tracks on the player - check him out.

Of all the band interviews I've ever done - the strangest one was with Gordon - we ended up completely off tangent - talking about death of all things. Least you can't accuse me of asking the 'normal' questions :) I seem to recall he really was happy that we took an unusual turn like that.

Speaking of London, actually, I am gearing up for a wonderful, lil jaunt...I am mixing much business with much pleasure. I am meeting old friends, old site members and new, plus my lovely agent, James, my film producer Stefan and even "my good ex" Neil....(who is photographing me while I am being interviewed for the movie.) Exciting times! Ain't life grand? And of course my home away from home - at Hannah's. Always a pleasure!


Well more people are both coming forward - 1) offering to be interviewed as well as 2) donating their money.

In fact, this evening a former Q96 colleague Amy text messaged me to say she's sending a cheque Friday! She, was the only person from my former station who even acknowledged the email - so bless her for that. Some people are just good eggs, I guess. I am very grateful.

And as I say more people are coming forward. I am attempting to be Tao-like and not stress that I have so many WOMEN and so few MEN. I just keep reminging myself that who ever is 'meant to be' in the film - will be. I vow to not twist any arms and coerce anyone who doesn't feel comfortable to be in a potentially life-changing film (for all of us). Not everyone is confident enough to bear their soul on camera - I get that.

It's the homestretch and it's so exciting.


Cue an ELO song...(which I've just noticed is not in ITUNES, how can that be?)...anyhow tonight, I crawled down on the floor, red pen in hand and marked all the places where site members have said they are from on the "Where Are You?" thread. Kati, one of my site members and film contributors - sent me three maps for my Christmas. It was a lovely surprise. One is the world, one is the UK and one is like a junior high school version of the states. It's probably for a classroom so you can learn the capitals of the states...

It rather looks like the map we used for my ROAD TRIP ACROSS AMERICA....'cept it has the capitals labelled on mine. It's so fun to see these RED DOTS around the world...but a little sad when you realise why they're being marked on my map (e.g. they were dumped!)

As I always say, "Heartbreak knows no boundaries". Happens to all of us at least once in our lives...

Ok it's midnight, and sleep beckons. Thanks for popping by. Be sure to check out Gordon's tunes on MySpace ok?

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