Saturday, February 02, 2008


5:30am SNOW FALL

I phoned my dad at half-past-five (our time) because I was so excited to notice it was snowing and lying...A little bit ironic after I was just blogging yesterday about the snowy Saturday a few years ago when I covered Woolfy's show.

Anyway I tried to put my laptop out the window to show my dad the snow - and I dropped two books out of the window into the snow below. Whoops!! One was a library book too (shhhhh). Anyway, least it wasn't the laptop eh? That would royally suck. Ha!


So then dad says "Oh I have more good news, you've got a letter from Sunnyvale Police" and he proceeded to read out a short-but-sweet note that refunded a parking ticket I'd received around a day after Thanksgiving (again, ironic eh). Not feeling thankful, I was livid and adamant that I was in the I took my car there, parked it again, took photos of the car, the signs - etc and whooohoo,...MY PROTEST PAID OFF. I am so glad I took the time. My dad kept telilng me "ah forget about it" (he was the one who paid for it too) but geez, when I get a bee in my bonnet, there's no stopping me. So it can pay to be a stickler at times :)


Well as I mentioned yesterday in my blog - my contract has arrived and I have now signed up with a London-based Lit agency. I am delighted. It's finally a 'done deal' and hopefully we can march on toward a proper deal with the right publisher for me! Fingers crossed!!

To celebrate G and I went to the movies and saw OVER HER DEAD BODY. It was lame, but funny, and I quite enjoyed it. We tried for some food afterwards, but places were busy because it was Friday night, and after a few attempts, we gave up and went our separate ways. I came home and prepared my fave meal to celebrate and watched the SHERRYBABY DVD which had arrived from LoveFilm. Wow that was a bit of a downer film, but over all - a decent view anyway.

So yeah I had a brilliant kick-off to February - made all the better by that 5am snowfall. Not sure why I woke up then, but was ever-so-glad to see the snow. I find it so peaceful to watch snow fall...I love it. I guess it's novel to me. My dad who grew up in New England and thus with lots of snow - really doesn't like it, (perhaps why he migrated West), but because we didn't have much, I just love it with child-like enthusiasm. You can take the girl out of California...


I got out of the house at 10-something and went on a walk to take some snowy photos but I'd left it a bit late and most had melted already (*sniff sniff*). On the way back home, I stopped at my local cafe and had my signature drink (a hot chocolate with a shot of caramel) and a cinnamon pastry. It's been a rather leisurely day.


Speaking of which, I do feel guilty having not been at the gym much. I've been contemplating cancelling my membership since a month after joining they sent a letter saying they're raising the price. I've been phoning around and arranging meetings at other nearby gyms. I found one that's off-peak £28 quid - which would save me £120 a year! And I could walk to it easily.

Sadly though, I really do like my gym, over all, but I can't rationalise paying 120 quid more than the other one I I have a decision to make and soon.

The main reason I've not been going is I seem to have pulled some muscles in my shoulder/chest on my right side. A week on and it still hurts to cough, to blow my nose, and to breathe heavy, so working-out has simply not been an option (wasn't just being a "drama queen" as a certain someone intimated to me).

Tomorrow will be out too, as I plan to be filming an interview for the SYBD FILM...I guess I'll get back into shape quicker because I have the foundation of fitness, do you think? Hope so!


Anyway today so far I've really just been editing photographs today - and listening to BEANSCENE RADIO (Sounds of the Scene) which is an ecclectic range of music - commercial free. Liking it a lot. Check it out if you like your ecclectic choonz. Maybe one day you'll even hear me on it, who knows...Watch this space...And speaking of Internet Radio - all being well I'll be doing a handful of shows for RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL from the beginning of next month.

In the middle of the night - whilst browsing Amazon, I picked up the book THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI which was recommended to me by one of my site members who is a gorgeous, lovely actress in the UK. Not at liberty to say any more but suffice it to say, I value her opinion so I am looking forward to reading this book.

I guess I'd better go eat some lunch as it's nearly 2:30.

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