Friday, February 22, 2008


Well I am at the library working away but leaving soon because I fear the hunger growls emanating from my stomach may put people off their work and studies...

Up at the crack of dawn - couldn't sleep - so just got up and had an appointment with my new bank man Scott to set up a new account. Glad that's done and dusted.

Last night I did my first show for RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL - it was the most nerve wracking thing I've done in months and months. I've not done "live radio" in about 16 months. I felt it. Going into it, it felt like a fish on a bike, but once I got through the first, wobbly link - it felt good. Oh sure I made mistakes, "cocked it up" but hey I am human. Love to talk and play music...But it's been challenging getting enough new CDs to fill an hour so I've played many of my old favorites and today another CD rolled in from the wonderful FINNISTON so that will be a kick off for show 2.

The first show airs March 7 at 6:00AM UK time - which is rather unsociable, I know...but that's handy for West Coast family and friends to hear it Thursday night at 10pm :) (Or the Australian/NZ contingent on a Friday afternoon/evening!)

Then the show gets repeated at 1:00AM on Saturday into Sunday...(so Sunday morning) - which then means 5pm Saturday night California time or Sunday morning down under!

Again do check out the RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL website for details....the show gets broadcast on FM in random places like Slovakia and Wellington, New Zealand. I don't understand it all but just happy to be back doing what I love...

While it's not a "break up" show - did manage to plug the "upcoming documentary film" currently "in production" as I played two artists who will appear in the film and on the soundtrack...tune in to find out which two :)


I don't know what it is but my community seems to be over flowing with YOUNG MEN, fairly fresh out of break-ups (in some cases less than a week) who feel the impulse to suddenly "get back out there".

It's about the biggest pet peeve of mine - REBOUNDING and not waiting until they've healed properly...

Even though I've known better, I've been hurt (a few times) by guys who were so "not ready" to be out there again, but who did it anyway. While it's not clearly a "black and white" situation - I have done one article called ARE YOU OVER IT and I'd advise any of you who are fresh off the dump heap and looking to "get back out there" - to take a look at the article first. I hope it provides some food for thought.

I think the world would be a happier place if people took time to heal before bouncing into something else. Sometimes even a year is not a enough, one former member in America (a man in his early 50s) now writes me asking for advice on how to dump his partner of a year. I cringed when he told me he was dating. I do that a lot but what you can you do? You can't "get it" for other people - they need to come to it themselves.

It's good practice to teach me to BITE MY TONGUE.

One of the lads yesterday felt a real cyber jolt by my reply when he asked if he should try "internet dating" - this was sparked solely because his ex of only a matter of weeks was seeing someone else. It's like there is this competition to see who can be "over it" first. I've got news for many, just because you're dating someone new, and even happy - it doesn't mean you're over it.

Another lad - just a matter of days out of his relationship - still in the can't eat, can't sleep, drinking himself stupid phase - announced he had an upcoming date.

I felt like crying. I really did.

Why is there this pressure to GET OVER SOMEONE BY GETTING UNDER SOMEONE ELSE? Is it Hollywood? Is it celebrities? Is it simply our insecure EGOS that are so incredibly worried how it "looks" to be single? I've been single eight years now. Dated plenty but not found the "right relationship" therefor never got into one. And I certainly wouldn't want to - just to settle...To avoid being alone. No thanks.

I guess I've never much cared about what other people think of me - which helps. I like my own company - which also helps. I made a vow to myself to find my happiness within rather than trying (in vain) to find someone else to make me happy. Now I am looking for my male we can share the happiness...but that's a whole lot different than looking for someone else to "complete" me.

No one can complete anyone only SEEMS like it.

Just came across this quote in my searching:

"I am somebody. I am me. I like being me. And I need nobody to make me somebody."
- Louis L'Amour

I truly wish more people were like that. SYBD is a window on the world of relationship dynamics. It is sometimes enriching and rewarding to look through the window and on other days it's despairingly painful and bleak. I see the best in people and the worst in people and it brings out the best in me and the worst in me. I guess it's like holding a mirror up in the spiritual sense.

Well that's all. I was planning on this being a short update but I guess the universe had other plans for my fingers.

Now it s time to break for lunch....I am off to see KATE WALSH with Nic tonight. I can't wait...Good music and good friends - there is no better combo. Love and light to all...xx

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