Friday, February 08, 2008



Well what a day it's been...I am so tired! 'Up late looking at footage of the SYBD film - a lovely Scottish lass called "Mags"...and then up early today to meet and greet my new electrician. There's something seriously fishy going on with hot water. Namely there's not been any in the mornings....If it ain't one thing it's another.


Chased the electrician out as quick as possible so I could make a mad dash to the tube and into town to see MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS. Not heard of it? I hadn't either until I looked it up and spotted NORAH JONES and JUDE LAW amongst the cast and that was enough to get me into the theater. It was a quaint little sleeper of a film. It certainly won't be everyone's cup of tea, and it didn't exactly rock my socks off, but I have to say, I enjoyed it.

NORAH was impressive in the role and JUDE not bad either. The film also contained - DAVID STRATHAIRN (a fellow Bay Area baby) who is still hot even as he nears sixty, and NATALIE PORTMAN and RACHEL WEISZ too. Oh and for fellow music lovers the soundtrack was pretty good (only ONE Norah track incidentally) - with CAT POWER, AMOS LEE and my fave OTIS REDDING track too (Try a Little Tenderness)...So overall I was rather impressed.

Must get round to getting some CAT music one of these days.


Well, I am thoroughly looking forward to my pending trip to London next month. I'll be filming two English men and a lovely South African lass. With a bit of luck, I shall be attending a party for WE ARE TOGETHER'S cinema release. Check out the trailer if you haven't already and if you're on FACEBOOK be sure to join their group (please) and try to catch their film if it opens in a cinema where you are. It's not to be missed.

And this trip is the big one for me...I am going to be interviewed for the documentary - by my very own "exec producer", Stefan D at EMI. It will be a 'green screen' interview. It's definitely not my goal to be on camera much - more likely it'll be told through voice over, but I might pop up here and there through it.

Between you and me, I can't think of anything worse than seeing myself on the big screen. "So why do it?" I hear you wondering, well that's a good question. I guess the honest answer is that it's my relationship to the website and to its community. But don't worry - I'll definitely be operating with a less-is-more attitude.


It has got me in enough of a panic to be down at that gym every day. Today was actually sunny, so I was able to bike there. But truth be told, I spent most of my time in there today talking to a fellow yank from New Orleans. I just wasn't in the mood. Sometimes you just get like that, don't you?

But all in - I am anxious to get filmed to see how it can be used juxtaposed with the footage of my super-wonderful-site members...

I am really pleased seeing the film start to take shape. It's literally been sat-on for a year...with little physical progress being made but the time is NOW. Each interview I feel as though I learn a bit more and do a bit better. That's really all anyone can hope or wish for, isn't it?


Self-portraitWell after ONE day of seeking funding - we have more than two hundred and fifty dollars donated. Not bad for a first day of work. I've just emailed about 200 people to ask for contributions to the cause. (Thanks to my lovely college buddy Dan Parr in Memphis for sending in $20.00 within minutes of the email going out - and the words "may you meet your goals" - bless you. Thanks also for putting me up when traveling through TN.)

The plea for cash is posted here on the blog, on Facebook, on SYBD's homepage and my own personal site too. The only place left to promote is my MySpace.


I have had some discussions with people willing to fund the So You've Been Dumped documentary film, but honestly, you have to weigh up the pros/cons. If it sounds too good to be true, in my experience, it usually is. You have to be careful who you're jumping into bed with, don't you? It needs to be a synergetic arrangement. I am not expecting to raise 200 grand through family and friends - but certainly getting some support going will make it easier when going for 'proper funding' through various funding avenues. Money begets money.

Besides, at this point, having outside interference goes against what I am trying to achieve - which is a real, grass roots, little film. I am a first-time-film-maker and it's obvious...but I'll tell you one thing - IT IS REAL. The interviews are natural, no one knows the questions beforehand, heck, I don't even write them down before I do them (which I probably should - seeing how I forgot the most important question when interviewing Mags on Sunday)...D'oh.

Thank goodness she's close and I can drive back up to shoot some more :)

THIS IS NOT HOLLYWOOD - IT'S THEAWOOD - (complete with shakey camera footage that will give Blair Witch a run for its money). Anyway hopefully a good, vastly experienced editor will do the trick. :)


Well I am also very excited about my new radio show (Sounds Across Ecosse) for RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL....Starting in March. Sadly, it'll be a bit early for most of the UK/European readers among you to tune in, but if you're in the southern hemisphere or on America's West Coast - you're in luck. A nice sociable show - 10pm on a Thursday night, (I think)...

Will let you know when I know.

At any rate - I have a half-dozen acts lined up for the first show already. I am stoked! Hmmmm, stoked but tired, so I am off for an early night with my new book - THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI. More on that one next time...

Abientot one and all.

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