Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well it's been a slightly low few days since my last post, and presumably "understandably so". On the thread about this young man's passing replies (condolences) have come in from across the US and UK and India, France, Ireland, Venezuela, New Zealand and Spain so far. That’s quite a tribute! How often do we touch people around the globe like that? He never knew that, I bet. Most of us don't walk around thinking we "touch" other people. In fact most of us feel like we don't, I suspect, but a little experience like this can and does touch us.

Here is one of my replies on the thread about the young lad...

"I'm still low...and I guess in shock...Mostly I am sad for the family and for the site members that I know were close and who are having a tough time of it right now.

All events have ripples. I think positive stuff comes from even the darkest of experiences - so I am not "questioning" anything, and will just be at peace with the knowing that all will be revealed in time.

His rather short life had meaning and it will have positive ripples to all whom he came in contact with. I hope they all find a way to benefit from this pain so that his life was not a waste.

While it was obvious he was deeply unhappy I know full-well (on a spiritual level) that he'd not want any family members or friends to feel that way, so I hope instead of mourning too long - they choose to CELEBRATE LIFE. His life. Our life. We're not long here and we need to make the best and most of it whilst we are here...

It's just a shame that he didn't live long enough to fully realise that NO STORM LASTS FOREVER...

We are resilient by nature.

I know, I am one who has "lost" much - a marriage, a relationship, a mother, a surrogate mother, friends, other family members, the list goes on...

But each situation of loss should eventually inspire us to live life to the fullest, I believe. These types of experiences do serve as reminders, at least for me...that
"Life is precious."

We waste so much time worrying about stupid stuff, texts that don't get replied to, or perceived "slights" that friends (or even strangers) have uttered at us, or by feeling we are some how unworthy, unloved, or unlovable.

We are all worthy. We are all loved - even though we may feel we lack concrete evidence to that fact...

We are all in this together...I hope that the people closest to him or who were touched by him will be INSPIRED TO LIVE and not INSPIRED TO DIE by this recent turn of events.

I wish much peace to the family and to the friends. I am sure he, the kind-hearted soul, would want nothing less..."

Other replies were so eloquent I thought I might share one or two with you...Maybe if you've lost someone you'll find some comfort in these words and sentiments, I don't know?

Dolor (Australia)It's so upsetting, that he felt this was the best course of action. It really changes your perspective. Somehow, no matter how painful your relationship breakdown and associated mourning feels, it somehow seems insignificant to something this big.

Cookie (India)

This is heartbreaking news. Zemox is certainly at peace now. At peace with himself, and at peace with the world. It is such an intense loss, and so...irreversible, that it aches all of us. I wish he hadn't done it. But we cannot change what has happened. Let us say a tiny prayer wishing his soul peace and contentment

SK (Nor Ireland) You never believed how much you were truly cared for. I will miss your sweet words and support, and I will miss supporting you. You've been such a rock through these heavy months, and I only hope that you have finally found the peace you couldn't in your life. I'm so sad to have lost you from my life.

Bobsies (England) Words can't explain how truly gutted I am. You were such a truly amazing person. sooo talented, caring, funny and you were so gorgeous. I am going to miss you more than you'll ever know. you've been there for me in my darkest times and ill never forget that. you always put a smile on my face. don't know what ill do without you. I really hope your in a happier place now.

mumu (Spain) - This is the saddest thing we could read on here...I can only say that I am so sorry. I could see from his posts that he was a good person trying to help many of us out in any way he could. I’m sure he gave a lot to the people around him and made their world better.

Jackieo (USA) - I read this thread last night and found myself weeping. Weeping for someone who I never met, spoke to or even written to on SYBD. But he represented how so many of us have felt. His passing has touched me and I can't explain why and how. All deepest sympathies to his family and to all those who are now left without him.

That last one summed it up for me. Touched by strangers. I guess that is what this community is all about. Reaching out, touching, supporting, and connecting.

While residual sadness lingers, I know life can and must go on.


And onto a more cheerful subject a new blog is created for the progress of the SYBD DOCUMENTARY...So to keep up to date on fliming, funding and snippets please surf on over to kinekterfilms.co.uk the site to follow along with its progress....


As for ending on an "up" note, that's about the best I can do, I'm afraid. 'Am busy trying to do some writing, organising my first radio show on radio six and over seeing the world's lovelorn too. But yesterday my dad sent a massive car package with crazy American cereals, candy and San Francisco Sour Dough Bread - so I shall go and make myself a sandwich and savour it. Then I am going to pick up another box from America - also no doubt filled with Valentine treats from Kimba! So yeah, "every day above ground is a good day"....

Peace and love to all....xxx

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