Monday, February 11, 2008



Kicked off this week with a press show for the new action-adventure JUMPER. It was a fairly enjoyable watch, left wide open to be exploited by sequels - naturally. Nice seeing JAMIE BELL in a big ole lead - but again what's with the accent? Wasn't quite English, wasn't quite Scottish. Wasn't sure what to make of it. It was vanilla, I guess. Anyway as for the film - I liked the concept, it wasn't bad but can't say I "highly recommend it" - like I would something like JUNO.

After the movie, was a cheap lunch with my friend NICOLA where we tried to set right the universe with our discussions on LIFE, LOVE, THOUGHTS and CHOICES. I do believe our lives are shaped by the choices we make.

When to work or when to see friends. Who to date and who to leave. Where to live. What to buy. What to eat. How to spend our days. Especially what to think...All choices.

It actually amazes me now Nic and I can have the same conversation with only very slight variations for about eight years now. We seriously say the same thing over and over - but regardless, we always walk away feeling better for it. A true friend.


The weekend was a good, but a fairly quiet one. Some biking, exercising, movie watching, and vegging out. I saw DEFINITELY MAYBE Saturday - which was lightweight, and just what I needed. Sometimes we need a bit of fluff, don't we? Maybe it's just me?

Yesterday on a whim, I took a mini-road trip to the Kingdom of Fife. I took a 16-year old girl, who is like a niece, out for some pizza and a chat. As I sat there opposite her, I watched idly as she carried on text conversations with her school friends. I was reminded of my own youth. High School held some challenging moments (like most of us experienced) and it made me wonder, if given the chance, what I'd say if I could go back and speak to my own 16-year old Self.

Sometimes I wish I could go back - but knowing what I know now. Even these days, high school seems to be such a cruel time - I doubt that will ever change. As my young friend showed me her pics from a party the night before, she labels (almost apologetically) many of her friends as "ugly" which I have to admit saddened me. I tried to explain that it's an "inside job" (beauty) but she didn't seem to care. All that mattered was who is cuter.

Maybe in some sort of way, as adults, we are all still our former (high school) Selfs? Like in the "BREAKFAST CLUB" - we are still the geek, the jock, the burn out, or the freak. Even those who've shed their high school fat to become swan like thin - are still the "fat kid" deep inside. How many movies are there that portray this? Loads of course.

I rather feel like I missed a chance to bestow some sort of "wisdom" to my 16-year old friend yesterday, but even what I did manage to say, I don't think she actually heard - because she is young and on her own Path of self-discovery. I guess it's a little arrogant of me to even think I could offer her any pearls of wisdom to help her navigate her teenage years, but I can't help it, there is a part of me that feels "I wished I knew then what I know now". But I guess we all have moments of that, don't we?

While she dates one boy and arranges to meet up with another, I tried to explain the GOLDEN RULE, but I rather think it all fell on deaf ears. She will learn, one day, in her own time and way. I guess I just wish I could spare her some inevitable pain, but can any of us ever learn by other people's experience? I don't know.


Well, I have to say we're doing good. After writing to perhaps 150 people, 10% have responded. My dad insists that's a very good return. Several friends & colleagues have made donations through payal. So that fund is well over a few hundred pounds! Hoorah!

An equal number have been mailing money to my US and UK addresses. We're not talking POT$ of CA$H really - but every cent counts. It will go toward filming. So I am now pricing flights VS. car rentals - to see how I can best reach as many site members across England as possible!

I have had a few people who chose not to offer any money but rather have offered their advice - which is fine. I am sure it's well-intended, but to be frank, right now I'd prefer the buck rather than the passing of it!

Honestly, I am not so arrogant to think I know it all or wouldn't benefit from the advice that's been offered - but,....well some of it was a bit like closing the stable gate after the horse had bolted. C'est la vie.

Well, I thought about the email I sent to all of these people, and do you know what? Speaking of the Golden Rule, I can honestly assert that if any one of those people I sent the email to had sent me the email that I sent, I'd give a dollar or five or ten (depending on who it was and what I could spare). I'd give something to, honestly, ANY ONE OF THEM...but I also decided after I sent Friday night that I would not 'strive' any more. I will not 'chase' people up to coerce them to cough up. I merely trust that those who are led to donate, will, and the other 90% will "mean to", "bin it" or won't ever "get it" (spam box or what have you).

Regardless of all that, it's all 100% ok. Divine even.

All I am hoping to achieve is to get enough money to get a better camera, AND to get to interview as many people as I have lined up around the globe as humanly (financially) possible.

I will worry about the other 80% of funding later once I have the footage all done.

I am 100% committed to this.

One such reply to my email received today was from someone who doesn't believe in "investing in an TV or FILM" - which I can appreciate (especially documentaries which seldom make money)...It might have been nice if the person invested in ME. I suppose that's more what this call for support was about.

Part of my response to said email was: "I have no worries at all when it comes to getting funding for the film (later on once I’ve shot it.) I had such amazing support at BRITDOC - and in all the meetings since that - that I have every faith in it…Generally you’re absolutely right films don’t make money – especially documentaries! This one may not make any money at all – and that’s 100% fine with me – it’s not about the MONEY. It’s about the message!"

The film will not cost much money to film at all (10k maybe) where the investment will be is in the EDITING(and of course, marketing!)…which I will “raise” once my footage has been shot, no bother. (As Naive as that sounds)

I had another friend tell me yesterday "it's a shame you can't just get someone to pay you lots of money and to just make the film for you". I thought to myself, this is someone who doesn't understand what I am trying to do...If money was my aim - I'd have sold out months ago. Taken the deal I had on the table in November. The site nor the film is about turning a quick buck. The film needs to fit the ethos of the site, in my eyes. It's not about the DESTINATION it's about the JOURNEY of making it and meeting all these people. I don't want someone else to do it. I can't explain it any more clearly than that I guess.

Thankfully about 10% of those asked on Friday have pitched between 10-50 quid…and I feel truly blessed that they’re helping me make my dream a reality – plus by proxy they’re helping others all over the world…eventually.

I am sure I had more to say in today's update but frankly I've run on too long so I shall close. I know half a dozen checks (cheques) have been mailed to my American and Scottish addresses - so I eagerly await their arrival and would assume we're closer to three or four hundred pounds total. Not bad for a few days...

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