Wednesday, February 06, 2008



Well, I can be honest with you, I had a bit of a blip last night. Just a tiny pity party for one...and thanks to the lovely gentleman who picked up the phone (as all good friends should do when they receive an SOS communication), to remind me of all that's good in my life. Glad that I have people to turn in moments of hopelessness.

"Ok, I'll give you two hours" to effectively wallow. But even as he said the words, I had an epiphany. I simply reminded myself I was CHOOSING to feel rubbish. So by the time we hung up, I didn't need 2 hours let alone 2 minutes to feel bad. I then bounced back from the blip to have one of my most proactive and productive nights in a long time...all this with a splitting headache too!


As I was laying in bed last night, unable to sleep, I had ideas buzzing through my brain. As I lay there words came into my head...Thus, I have tentatively come up with a name for my new Internet Radio series next month. As it's highlighting Scottish talent - I've decided it will be some sort of take on the words - "Across" and "Ecosse". I've been actively seeking new, unsigned, Scottish talent, through MySpace mostly. It feels good to be hunting for new music again. Getting my radio mojo back. I just love it!

I'll also be playing my ole faves like EOGHAN COLGAN and VIVIEN SCOTSON and others I used to spin on Q'd IN. What fun!


Speaking of music...I've pulled out my LOVE AND ROCKETS CDs today. The wise and musically-savvy among you will note that today's blog title and most of today's headings are L&R tunes. (Yeh, I'm a geek,...)

Isn't it fantastic when you play songs that take you back to a period of your life? It's called the MILESTONE THEORY (allegedly) when a song, a smell, or a picture brings you back to a person, place or time...and as I was writing an email to my friend, Nic, this morning - I ended with "No New Tale to Tell"...another of their wonderful songs, and I thought "wow, I am in the mood to hear that song" but alas I've not imported all my L&R so I actually have been playing CDs. Can you imagine? Ha ha.

Pulling out a record like this is like re-connecting with an old friend. I feel elated. The sun really is shining, and I do feel "So Alive". I have decided to dub today LOVE AND ROCKETS DAY, chez moi. Maybe I'll branch out to play BAUHAUS , DAVID J, PETER MURPHY, and TONES ON TAIL too - who knows?

The world is my oyster!


Well more developments - filming in London will take place next month. I am really looking forward to sitting down in front of these people to see how their recovery's goin' and so forth!

For a while I was feeling like chucking the whole idea out the proverbial window, but now I feel renewed enthusiasm about it. This is only bolstered by comments like the one posted yesterday on SYBD:

"I've watched your trailer on youtube about 7 times today. Somehow watching it makes me feel better. I love the GEOFF MARTYN song too! Great job, can't wait to see the finished product. You are inspiring."

The aim of the film is solely to turn their pain into gain in some individual way. The more people I can track down who've done that the better.

And while in London, I'm attending a private party for WE ARE TOGETHER which repeat blog readers of mine will know is my fave film of 2007. It's finally getting released next month and I am delighted. I want each and every one of you to make sure you go see this wonderful film. All proceeds go to the charity, so it's a great cause.


On that note, I've train tickets to price, laps to swim and sunshine to soak in. So I bid you love and light all around! :)

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