Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well I really was mulling over yesterday's blog extensively last night and also today. I was pleased to see some private messages (only Google people can comment on my blog) and it made it a little clearer to me...


"There are strains of fundamentalist / evangelical Christianity that regard any sort of belief system that isn't entirely rooted in Christianity to be a pseudo-religion that draws people away from "true" religion. I'm sure the logic involves something along the lines of positive thinking is trying to "save yourself" from the problems of this world, but the only "true" salvation is in the love of Christ, so positive thinking has to be a false belief system because you can't save yourself from your own problems, only God/Christ can do that."

Oh wow...I found that interesting. Still not sure how it becomes "offensive"...but I am starting to understand a little better.

Goldie seems to share a similar viewpoint to mine (not "right" or "wrong" of course). I don't believe the gentleman yesterday was at all "wrong" - how could I believe that to be the case? I just found it, um, interesting.


"So far as christianity goes, I see it as I see all religions should be. A belief in whatever 'god' but ultimately a sense of goodwill to all men if you like. So far as positive thinking goes - bring it on. I got through 2007 purely on teaching myself to think positively."


"Thea, I read your blog this evening and thought..isn't prayer a form of positive thinking? You give thanks to God for all you have been given and ask that God continue to bless you."

Anyway I can draw a line under this...I just found it interesting is all.


We saw and advance screening of JUNO tonight at a cinema I'd never been to. It was cool. The movie was so quirky I can see why it's getting all kinds of nominations...and even today the OSCAR NOD! Wow. Great acting, super quirky and a wonderful soundtrack to boot. Best I've seen in some time! My kinda flick!


Also - whilst near there popped into IKEA. Picked up loads of candles (many currently lit around me) and a little storage unit for a corner here in this room. A huge, brown (eyesore) cardboard box is currently filled with cords, cables, hard drives and other necessary junk (ha)...It's a real mess. Hoping to remedy that soon. Anyone able to help me with the flatpack?


Though I don't listen to the radio a ton, tonight somehow seemed special driving around Glasgow, in the rain, with RADIO ONE on and them talking about TALK TALK. Wow it's put me in the mood to hear some classic TALK TALK. I used to love them. They were one of my favourite bands back in '82 or '83. Way before they became "big" in America with things like "It's My Life" I can tell you! So yeah tonight's bathtub music will no doubt be them!


Well my buddy talked me out of going to the gym yesterday (due to the recent virus) so I went today. I didn't over do - at all but did manage about ninety minutes cardio, a swim, a steam and a sauna. Yeah I am truly feeling good again. Phew, thank goodness. Sucks to be single and sick, don't it?


So when I got back -I log on and Nicola tells me HEATH LEDGER died. There is something so wrong about young studs like that dying. At 28, he seemed to have it all, as these "stars" often do but all the money, fame, success, even a family - doesn't seem to fill the void in some. Guess it goes to show that all those trappings aren't necessarily a "key to happiness". Let's hope he's in "Some Fantastic Place" now...


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