Sunday, January 20, 2008



Is it just me or viruses getting more malicious? On Thursday, before I went to meet TONY CURRIE at the BBC for lunch, I didn't feel quite right. 'Wasn't sure what it was - just a general feeling of being below par.

Got through lunch in the lovely BBC canteen and went across the river for a drink...The weather was miserable as I watched the rain slide down the glass of the Crowne Hotel...Eventually the most awful illness came over me, and I had to face the rain and get home FAST!

Stomach pains, fever, sore head, achey-all-over, and other stuff I'll spare you from. This seemed mildly improved on Friday only to land ever worse yesterday. It's so hard to know at which point you should ring a doctor isn't it? Is it just a virus for which they could do nothing or could it be early symptoms of something more serious? I will admit - having lost a friend to Stomach Cancer last month - my mind did start to worry...excessively.


Switched off the phone, and the computers, grabbed a hot water bottle and vegged on the sofa and watched BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, then later ANNA KARENINA (I never did manage to get through the the ending came as quite a shock!! LOL) and I rounded off the night with the quirky-surreal, Dennis Quaid film FREQUENCY. I always liked that film. What a concept eh? I wouldn't mind chatting to my mom on a CB radio across 30 years time/space. What a trip.


Though I was physically very unwell, my mental spirits were kept fairly high through out the agony of the past few days...I just had to remind myself that no storm is permanent. I knew it would pass eventually. Though I am not quite up to eating yet (I think it's been since Friday now...) I am starting to feel as though I could risk it.


Most of the time I am fairly happy in my solitude, but sometimes I reckon it would be nice if there was someone here to make the cups of tea or re-heat the water bottle when I am feeling poorly...though, to be fair, this was so gruesome and I felt so awful I was glad there was no one here to witness it...Not pretty!

So today it's about getting back on track - lots of laundry. bleaching the place and so forth. I was up at half-six and down to the BP garage for fluids (for me and the car). It's a serene time of day. Dark but serene.

Aw that's nice - as I type this, Grant just phoned to see how I was feeling (at least someone cares enough to check...) He's off to see NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (which of course I walked out of last weekend) so I have to wish him well on that one.


Tomorrow my contract should be sent up from London. Certainly hope this agent is better than the last one. Maybe it was merely a case of timing. I like how four years ago publishers were talking about how people wouldn't buy books about being dumped (and what have you) - and in that time probably 20 have been published. So yeah, I'll have to make mine quite a bit different to what's out there. And I suspect none of these authors have spent eight years DAILY observing the universal heartbreak at all I am bound to offer a slightly different slant on it.

Well here's hoping. Keep ya posted.

This isn't the most poignant of blogs - but I guess it's simply an accurate depiction of what's been happening and why the radio silence.

Time to pop on VITALOGY (which I've not heard for years) and try to eat this yogurt.

Wish me luck :)

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