Friday, January 04, 2008



Well I was going to give myself the rest of this week off, but instead have been hard at work - updating the site, doing some writing (of the SYBD book) and just generally reading all the old stuff that I've written (over the years) to see how close we are to finishing it...and on that note....


Yes indeed it's true. He's tall, dark and handsome (just the way I like 'em)...and best yet he will make us both a chunk-a-change. So whilst I don't want to jinx it, by talking too much about it, I think I feel confident and secure enough to announce that ("subject to contract") I have a wonderful, new, London Literary Agent. Though as I say, I've yet to "sign on the dotted line" (it's time for Hannah, above, to organize details for me), it will hopefully be done in the next week or two and then, "bob's yer uncle" - as they say in the UK.

It's an exciting time for Thea Pia and after a Yuletide lull, I can happily report that my proactivity and optimism have returned. Yippee!

As ever, watch this space. All being well I'll unveil my new man soon...;)


Knowing it's my busiest time of year, (Nov-Feb), I decided to look at my stats on ALEXA. Wow! Would you believe my little site is currently ranked at 418,403 on the list of most-visited sites in the world? (Why am I not a millionaire yet?)

But seriously folks, I think that's not bad going (*pats herself on the back*). I like how it appears that in the UK, it's in the top 20,000 sites (even better sounding stats!)

Time to make up a press release, me thinks...Incorporating that and the poll results of my HOW WERE YOU DUMPED? poll.

Face-to-face: 29%
Over the phone: 32%
By email, text, instant message: 19%
My ex just vanished: 12%
Some other way: 5%

As it's 2008 - it's time for a new poll...this time on the rather controversial subject of SNOOPING or SPYING...

I rather suspect a few of my "past partners" (for lack of a better term) take the odd gander of my blog here, so if that's you, I want you to march over to the right hand side of your screen and answer honestly, right now! Ha. Gotcha!


Well, good news, I managed to donate several boxes/bags of books to OXFAM's book store on Byre's Road this afternoon. With each bag that goes out of my abode, I feel a little lighter. I would like to give more, and from now on, vow to do a monthly purge of books/music/clothes - so I don't have to spend a whole week at the end of the year doing it this year! Seems my thread on SYBD inspired many other givers out there and I am most-pleased. Speaking of boxes...


Well I've really enjoyed my workouts lately. While in America for Thanksgiving, I picked up a pair of PINK (!) boxing gloves, and I finally had the nerve to slip them on and start punching. Oh did I punch up a storm...picturing every guy who ever pissed me off as each fist made contact with the bag! Wow is that a cathartic way to get rid of unwanted negative energy or what? I've never been a boxing kinda girl until now! Think I'll need to invest in a bag for home - so I can use it out of hours! I am no MILLION DOLLAR BABY but I had fun, so who cares how stupid I look?

Incidentally - a wee sample of yesterday's workout...

- 25 minutes (hard) on the treadmill - 9%-12% grade up hill!! Effort level 8 and 9.

- 15 minutes minutes on the bike

- 59 the pool - which I've been playing about with calculations...In that time, I estimated I did 74 laps -- which equates to 2.29 miles...(*another pat on the back*)

Well if I don't blow my own trumpet, who will? :)

ED NOTE: If my calculations are wrong, please don't correct me (unless of course I swam FURTHER than I estimated)!


...And well, on the subject of boxing (again), earlier tonight I was watching a number of films on TCM THE CHAMP (what a performance from RICKY SCHRODER even back then in his 1979 debut) - and so fun to see him along JACK BAUER in '24' now...but he'll always be "Ricky" to me.

Last night on TCM was a different "Richard" - RICHARD DREYFUS in WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY? I'd not even heard of this film let alone seen it.

And after the CHAMP, I saw my buddy LUKE in DIE ANOTHER DAY. Shhhhh, but blink and you will miss him (in fact, when I saw it at the cinema I did miss him), but I saw him tonight and he was on for longer than I thought (so now I am wondering how I did miss him when I saw it on the big screen?)...Go luke.

And speaking of Luke's (Don't you love how my blog goes together so fluidly? Joke!) COOL HAND LUKE is on. I think I'll forgo that for some SEX & THE CITY - particularly when the city is Paris. I think I need to get back there this year.

A big head's up to all my Bay Area possee - hope you're staying dry / safe / warm in these crazy California storms. FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES: "A fierce Pacific storm howled into Northern California on Friday, bringing a treacherous mix of flooding, hurricane-force winds, and blizzard conditions for millions of residents."

Hugs...Be safe!

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