Sunday, January 27, 2008



What a brilliant, albeit low-key, weekend. Friday night G and I went to the pictures to see THE SAVAGES. It was a tough watch (close to home) but a good film none-the-less. Then we went to JACK MCPHEE'S for some Fish & Chips. Pricey but good. We rounded off the evening in Borders. Always good for a late evening browse...


Kicked off the morning with some tastey waffles. Life doesn't get much better than a pancake (or waffle) breakfast at the weekend. Then, feeling guilty, I walked to the gym for a workout. As I type I am in agony. I think I over did.

Walked home and got ready for a night out in Bearsden. It was my friend Ian's 50TH. Had no idea if I'd know anyone there (apart from the birthday boy) but didn't stop me attending and having a ball. It was a great night out with (mostly good) music and superb cake (the same as at my birthday party!) I finally called it a day when Woolfy (below) played PHIL COLLINS followed by CHER. Ha ha. That spelled leaving time for Miss T.


Well today has been super. Another jaunt to the gym for a swim and then on to the West End for some food and good chat. The best Sundays are always spent leisurely in Byre's Road...As I didn't finish my lunch, it doubled as my dinner too! Win/win.

Whilst on BYRES, we popped in to the book shop and I scored two books for 49p each. One of which was a book written by LANCE ARMSTRONG'S mom. Started reading it on the tube and was getting teary-eyed. I am such a sap. Not read much but seems OK so far. I just loved the other LANCE books I've read...especially IT'S NOT ABOUT THE BIKE.


For weeks now I've been researching quotes for a book I am writing and came across a good one the other day from MAHALIA JACKSON:- "It's easy to be independent when you've got money, but to be independent when you haven't got a thing, that's the Lord's test."

Too right Miss Jackson...another one I love from SARAH BAN BREATHNACH:- "What you give to the world will be returned to you - maybe not all at once or in the way you expect it, but if you give your best, the very best will come back to you."

Tomorrow - it's another trip to the dentist. I am not amused...but using my father as a cautionary tale, I'll deal with another day of potential pain for a tooth that will last another 20 years...Wish me luck!

On that note, I'll close and go back to watching THE WEDDING CRASHERS. Not sure why I didn't like it all that much the first time 'round...but it's about the level of intensity I long for on a tired Sunday night.

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