Saturday, December 22, 2007



Well here we are again. That time of year. People are stressed. Shops, tubes and buses are overcrowded with teems of people, banging into you with their over-loaded bags of presents.

You know what I mean....That look of guilt on their they worry they've not bought enough for their loved ones. Most guilty are the parents of kids who feel like they need to keep up with the Jones - or rather keep their kids up with the Jones' kids.

God forbid their kid doesn't have the latest Wii or iTouch or whatever the latest gadget that today's teens want is...


Well, I have decided to not buy any presents for anyone. That's not to say I am not getting anyone anything - I am just not getting sucked into the consumerism that is rife around the world. I feel as though we've lost the true meaning of Christmas - which is certainly not to max out credit cards on the latest gadget from Apple, Sony, and so forth...

So looking around my cluttered home, I've decided my Christmas is going to be about getting together as many bags of items I can donate to charity. In the bags will be books, CDs, clothes, DVDs anything of worth....etc.

I've got two bags together, so far. Anyone with me? Actually I know some people are with me as there is a whole thread on SYBD about this very subject. You see, apparently I am not the only one who's a hoarder. There are half-a-dozen women who've come forward to say they're doing my challenge too. I note with interest that none of the MEN from SYBD have come forward. I am not sure if that's due to the fact that men don't generally have as much "stuff" (at least clothes) as us women?

I will endeavor to photograph my charity bags as PROOF I've done what I've set out to - for the next blog entry.

Last night - I weathered the weather and got my Christmas dinner - a turkey joint, some veggies for steaming, roasties, and a wee chocolate sponge. It actually sounds sad when I write it out, but no sympathy required. You see, I survived the festive period of the millennium alone and after that - anything else is a piece of cake!

One thing I've not sorted out is what to watch on Christmas. I guess the usual suspects IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, and WHITE CHRISTMAS,...Also, there are plans afoot to see a film or two at the cinema. Something I did yesterday was to see BEE MOVIE and FRED CLAUS. I enjoyed them both. I quite like the luxury of doing double headers on Friday afternoons.


Speaking of films, last night I was kept up far too late...(ahem) when I discovered THE ODD COUPLE 2 was on the Paramount channel. I liked the first one, I love Walter Mathau so of course I taped it and am enjoying it as I type. These old codgers remind me of my dad. It must be a pre-requisite to become dippy and cantankerous once you hit 70. I'll have to watch out for that...

Well, I guess since it's lunch time - I ought to get showered and out to Byres Road to check mail. Hope there are a few more cards there. I've only got 15 or so, so far...Oh well it's not about the quantity, its about the quality right? To be fair I've only sent a few cards out. I meant to send many, I did, but I just sorta never got round to it - what with traveling in California and to London....

I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas have a lovely one. And those of you who don't manage to enjoy yourself doing whatever you do while the rest of us do.


Next year I am gonna plan it better and head to the I can sunbathe away the Yuletide. But for this year, I'll be charitable, have a scrumptuous feast for one, watch multitudes of DVDs and sleep - plenty of sleep...Wake me up when it's 2008.

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