Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I tried to work out today, honest, but got to the gym and remembered that my card was laying on my hallway floor back in my homestead. D'oh. So returned home to work out with my new exercise ball. Jumped a bit of rope too.


R came to collect me to go see I AM LEGEND on the IMAX screen. I have decided my vow for 2008 is to avoid all movies that are scary, suspenseful, and violent. Seriously only uplifting films for me. If I look back at the many cinema visits I've been on this year, I can't say there were too many that would be described as uplifting...We definitely need more inspirational films out there. Roll on SYBD - the movie.

Incidentally (in true Thea fashion of finding positives in everything), though it wasn't my cup of tea, I was grateful to finally have seen a 'proper' movie on the largest screen in Scotland...That was cool!


As we were waiting to go into the cinema - I noticed some divers diving into the water under the back of the IMAX...So many policemen there - I joked they'd "probably find some body in the water there". Turns out I was right. Can you believe it? Geez I was walking all over the place there just yesterday and today they uncover a body? Ugh.

Which brings me (rather tenuously) to my next somewhat morbid topic - largely inspired by 1) IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and 2) THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS MOVIE that I watched this afternoon.

The latter very loosely based on the former...and in this case Kermit was wishing he'd never been born. Haven't we all wished that at one time or another?

We just never know the effect we have on other people's lives. And wouldn't it be great if we could actually see that we make a difference to the people in our life or other people in general?

I mean we never really see tangible proof that we make a difference.

Sure if you're a doctor or something, you might see the difference you make, but if you're a mere mortal like me - how do you know your life means anything? How do you know anyone actually gives a toss of your existence? I wish I could have a glimpse at the world that doesn't include Thea Newcomb. Call me quirky, but I'd like to know I was making a difference. Perhaps I am being a little too hard on myself, I don't know.

To be fair, I do get daily notes from people around the world thanking me for SYBD. That is something. It means a lot. In fact today one arrived from a young man (31) in Guadalajara, Mexico:

"The first time I saw this site was about a year and a half ago. I broke up with an ex-girlfriend about two years ago. It had been a relationship of 6 years and a half and I was obviously depressed. I felt horrible, and I didn´t know what to do. My family and friends helped me a lot, but as you may know, it was not enough. So I thought that it should be a site in the web - that´s when I found the site. I read all your sections every week, and I really liked it. Maybe many people have told you the same, but it's true, this site helped me to feel better and to get cured from my depression. As I have told you, it has been 2 years ago since I broke up with that girl, and now that I remember it I feel great. I know that I´m fine, I´ve started a new life and I think I´m over it because I´ve passed the test of your site. I want to thank Thea Newcomb for creating this site, it´s awesome, and I know it´s been helpful for lots of people. I thought I´d never make it."

Yeah, ok that's pretty awesome...and it came in this afternoon at a time I was questioning my own life and existence and how I might better serve while I am on this planet of ours...but perhaps I am serving enough?

Maybe all of us make a difference, but we just never see it? Perhaps the real fault here, in me, is looking for validation externally? I don't know.

I guess it's the holidays - combined with the knowledge of my lovely friend Gail's passing - that has sent me into a spiral of introspection.

Who would attend my funeral? What would my own epitaph read? What would people say about me? Would anyone actually give a crap if I wasn't here?

Don't worry, I'm not suicidal, just looking at the "bigger picture" and questioning whether I am doing enough with my limited time on this earth. Surely I am not the only one who thinks like that?



If you want to check it out on AMAZON - US (click here) or UK (click here)

It really is a life-changing book (for me) which has crystalised so many principles my mother (and to some degree my father) have tried to instil in me. It won't be everyone's cup of tea but it resonates with me.

The biggest challenge for me is to practice non-judgment. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do. We're constantly judging and labeling, other people, their actions, their clothes, their habits - all of it. Every conversation I ever have seems to have that to a degree. Try it yourself. Go through one day where you don't make someone else right or wrong, good or bad, ugly or pretty, short or tall - etc. It's not easy, that's for sure.

The hardest thing in life for most of us to ever realise is we really have NO CONTROL over anyone else - how they feel, how they act, what they think - none of it. We can only control our own thoughts, feelings and actions (with some effort, mind you).

Stephen Covey's 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE often talks about how / why we have so many misunderstandings in life:

"While we tend to judge ourselves by our intent, we tend to judge others by their behavior." Stephen M.R. Covey

So true Mr. Covey. We end up making some random assumptions by doing that too. I am never very good at trying to explain this - but I see examples of it in my life and the lives of my friends - on a daily basis.

Well that's about enough waffle from me this Boxing Day Evening. I must tackle some of the stuff in my hallway that needs to be bagged up for re-cycling or charity. Then it's off to the bath with that DYER book!

I have to say, I've been feeling pretty serene the past few days...Long may that continue.

Tomorrow though, I might have to break my shopping ban and head to town to replace the two pairs of slippers that have been sent to the bin this afternoon. I won't feel too guilty as I've got three bags of clothes for charity so far...and counting.

Peace out.

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