Wednesday, December 05, 2007



First day back after a few weeks away is always challenging isn't it? I suspect I’ll take a few days to re-acclimate but am doing my best to be as productive as possible today.


Last week Brian and I went to Chilis – my favourite chain restaurant - for dinner. There was a wait so we took a seat at the bar when we both clocked onto an article in the San Jose Mercury News called “Silence is maddening when guys disappear” (Not sure how long that link will work but maybe you can Google the title of it, if it doesn't work?)

Of course it got us talking about how cowardly and clueless men are or rather can be. Before you get ready to FLAME ME - this isn’t meant to be a gender-bashing session merely an observation. Heck, truth be told, I love men…I just don’t understand that whole thing where guys are keen one minute and not the next - but I guess my feelings tend to fade out on a more gradual basis.

Suffice it to say, I've never done a 180-degree turn overnight like some men I've seen. In fact there's a new thread on SYBD started by Writer Lady that discusses that very thing called "People Who Do 180-Degree Turns" which is proving to be an interesting read.

As I say, this subject is coming up far too much for my liking on SYBD that's all. Judging by the replies on that thread (and others of a similar ilk) - it's happened to a lot of people (women) and often.


Which brings me nicely to my next topic on the very same subject. It’s pretty shocking to see that in my poll - here on this very blog - 12% of exes just vanished. That’s a pretty high amount. Too high, in fact.

In this age of communication overload, have we totally lost the art of communicating one-on-one?

In this day and age, it’s become far too easy to blow off a text, ignore an email, block someone on instant messaging programs - whatever. It’s as if it gives men (people) the permission or maybe the opportunity to behave badly.

So if you’re someone who has a tendency to just vanish – do your best to resist the urge, grow some balls and not just say “goodbye” but say why. Whoever you're leaving will live, honest.

Before you accuse me of being a 'woman scorned' - this hasn't happened to me (for a while now anyway)...but it has happened to me in the past.


Some years ago there was a rather annoying book called ‘He’s Just Not Into You’. I bought it, I read it and found some of it to be worthy, (she says grudgingly), but last week, again when out with Brian, I picked up a similarly-titled book ‘Be Honest: You’re Not That Into Him Either’. This book, which I am reading now, I just love! So much so I am going to be promoting it on the homepage of So You’ve Been Dumped, soon. (For now you can buy it on Amazon US or Amazon UK

I have to admit I really like this book. It’s though-provoking, written by a PhD…and a good read for all you single women out there. Check it out if you're one of those women who dates 'in betweeners'.


While I was in California, I received an email from the folks at Love Honey about Hello Kitty Vibrators. I don’t know why but I found the whole thing disconcerting. Call me old fashioned, but I like my vibrators to resemble what they’re ‘replacing’ (ahem) and to be a bit more 'adult'. I mean, Hello Kitty??

Speaking of which, a rabbit is on my Christmas list. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to buy it for myself. Apparently – according to everyone I know who’s got one – they’re the business!

I just watched a video on the Love Honey site where the lovely Tracy Cox was talking about the mini-rabbit and claims that “more women own vibrators than washing machines”. Hmm, I find it a teeny bit hard (pun intended) to believe, but, I guess, given all the sexually-unfulfilled women out there, and amount of laundrettes, she may be right?!


Weather has been pretty shocking (though I hear it’s gray and miserable in California now too) so I don't feel too too bad...

The tree is up, the candles are lit and I’m slowly getting stuff from the trip unpacked and put away. I didn’t get nearly enough Christmas presents (well ones for other people anyway) as I should have. Shame on me.


Well much to the chagrin of many site members I've had to opt out of the SYBD Xmas Party this weekend as I am not going to be in London until the following weekend. There are more meetings lined up to discuss this film and I am exploring all funding options and routes just now.

Hopefully by the end of 2007 I'll have everything set up. We'll see...


Well it’s time for me to make some chicken nachos so I am off. Be well, be safe and be happy - whoever you are and wherever you are.

PS: And remember the GOLDEN RULE and please treat people with respect...

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